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Drowning Sorrows in Raging Fire: Xuan Ji Gets (Unwittingly) Closer to Sheng Lingyuan


WARNING: The next incorporates spoilers for Drowning Sorrows in Raging Fireplace Episode 4, “The Spirit in Sword,” now streaming on Funimation.

Simply when Xuan Ji thought he had seen the final of Sheng Lingyuan, the mysterious emperor refuses to go away him alone. Final week’s Drowning Sorrows in Raging Fireplace noticed Sheng Lingyuan meet the summoner of the Thousand Spirits Array, Bi Chunsheng, however her sudden request has Sheng Lingyuan breaking the pact. The following explosion destroys the constructing, leaving Bi Chunsheng and Sheng Lingyuan’s fates unknown.

Whereas recuperating on the hospital, Xuan Ji realizes that his sword is not returning to its standard place in his backbone. Xiao Zheng visits him and offers him a number of updates: Bi Chunsheng used the folks she had rescued when she was a discipline agent as a part of the 1,000 sacrifices for the array. One in all them was Ji Qingchen, the conman they’d believed was the summoner. Bi Chunsheng is nowhere to be discovered, and the runes that beforehand appeared outdoors of their headquarters have vanished. Exhaustion sweeps over Xiao Zheng’s face as he questions why the Supernaturals must have the accountability of defending the conventional folks after they’re human too. Xuan Ji tells him that the Supernaturals could also be human, however they pose a risk.

drowning sorrows in raging fire xuan ji scorched ring

Xuan Ji cannot cease fascinated by what Bi Chunsheng stated about Chiyuan. He has roots there, in any case; his clan ring was cast there earlier than he left to discover the world. As quickly as he did, he discovered an overturned automobile with two folks, presumably a father-son pair, closely injured. It is unclear whether or not or not the pair survived.

Xiao Zheng’s group extract the final butterfly however discover one thing odd: it is contagious! They entice the butterfly in a sealed tube and quarantine everybody else who got here involved with it. After inspecting the butterfly, they notice it is completely different from the opposite butterflies that had been discovered within the Heart. Almost certainly, this explicit butterfly did not come from the Heart, however slightly from Ji Qingchen.

As quickly as Xuan Ji’s sword case comes near the tube, the butterfly flits round erratically. When his sword topples out of the case, he catches it in time, however the sword turns into caught to his hand and he begins bleeding. Instantly, he forces his sword to launch him and flings it away.

drowning sorrows in raging fire xuan ji fights

There is a motive why the butterfly appears to be afraid of his sword and why his sword hasn’t been in a position to return to its standard place. Somebody is in his sword: Sheng Lingyuan. In an try to avoid wasting his life when the explosion occurred, the emperor escaped into Xuan Ji’s sword. Not solely does Xuan Ji now have one other particular person residing in his weapon, however he additionally has to take care of the truth that Sheng Lingyuan can hear his ideas and vice versa. Xuan Ji tries to benefit from their connection and look into Sheng Lingyuan’s recollections, however he has little recollection of his previous life. Nevertheless, he does present Xuan Ji a daunting picture of a mass grave.

Now that Ji Qingchen is lifeless, Xuan Ji searches for his confederate. He and his group revisit one in every of Ji Qingchen’s standard haunts when a person immediately approaches them. On the identical time, Sheng Lingyuan notices that there appears to be a thick scent of loss of life emitting from the stranger. Xuan Ji races out, and as quickly as he does, a portal opens up behind the person from which varied skeletal palms emerge.

The skeletal palms latch onto his sword, and shadowy tendrils seize maintain of Xuan Ji’s arm and begin dragging him in. Earlier than lengthy, the portal swallows up Xuan Ji and Sheng Lingyuan. These males are removed from being allies, however now that the 2 of them are separated from the remainder of Xuan Ji’s group, will we see them begin to work collectively?


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