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Even Avatar’s Worst Characters Perfectly Illustrate Its Theme of Balance


The one time Avatar: The Final Airbender ever portrayed something as black and white was when Commander Zhao killed the Moon Spirit, and the whole world actually misplaced its shade. For a Nickelodeon present, Avatar handled mature themes that almost all action-adventures of its time would by no means deal with. Stability was a serious theme, contemplating the Avatar’s job is to deliver steadiness to the world.

Stability in Avatar: The Final Airbender is the thought is that nothing is black and white, and the world is healthier off with shades of grey. Nothing and nobody is solely one factor or the opposite; the Hearth Nation is not utterly evil, and the Earth Kingdom is not fairly the beacon of hope it is made out to be. And, regardless of their allegiance or position within the story, no character is two-dimensional — besides perhaps Cabbage Man.

Hearth Lord Ozai Is Solely Principally Evil

Fire Lord Ozai will become the Phoenix King in Avatar: The Last Airbender

Ozai is a generic villain in some methods, in that he is evil just because he is evil, with out a lot clarification as to why. Nevertheless, he is not as a lot of a tyrant towards his personal folks as one would possibly anticipate from somebody with aspirations of world domination. He rewards his subordinates for his or her arduous work and heeds the recommendation of others (even his youngsters, from time to time). Though the Hearth Lord is not probably the most redeemable character within the collection, Avatar does effectively to incorporate minor particulars to point that Ozai is not solely a monster; it is solely his most notable character trait.

Regardless of his depiction because the manifestation of evil, Hearth Lord Ozai wasn’t simply a power-hungry madman. In spite of everything, the Hearth Nation is a affluent, industrious society beneath his management. Wanting previous the morally reprehensible methods this prosperity was achieved, it is the one credit score Ozai deserves that he shares the spoils of battle together with his folks. Ozai guidelines the Hearth Nation for his personal ego, but in addition the good thing about its residents, which is greater than even the Earth Kingdom can say.

The Dai Li Combat for Peace in Their Personal Method

Long Feng and the Dai Li secretly control Ba Sing Se in Avatar: The Last Airbender

Ba Sing Se was lengthy been an emblem of hope as the one place in Avatar‘s world that repelled the Hearth Nation’s invasion. When the Gaang reaches the Earth Kingdom capital in Season 2, it rapidly turns into clear that Lengthy Feng, chief of the key police, the Dai Li, wields the ability, not the Earth King. Nevertheless, the Dai Li’s sole motivation is the preservation of Ba Sing Se’s status as the best metropolis on the earth, and they’re going to do no matter it takes to take care of the peace contained in the partitions.

The Dai Li use sneaky, underhanded ways, together with precise brainwashing, however they do not do it to seize energy; they only need to preserve the peace. The residents are saved unaware of the battle exterior the partitions, lest they learn how a lot of the world is beneath Hearth Nation occupation and begin a mass panic. Granted, the Dai Li brokers later reveal their allegiance is much less to the Earth Kingdom and extra to whoever they resolve to serve, however ethical ambiguity is an important aspect of the collection.

The White Lotus Represents the Supreme World of Avatar

Iroh, Bumi, Piandao, Pakku, and Jeong Jeong retake Ba Sing Se in Avatar: The Last Airbender

Of the 5 key members of the Order of the White Lotus — a once-secret society devoted sharing historic information — Iroh, Piandao and Jeong Jeong had been as soon as members of the Hearth Nation army. The White Lotus demonstrates that folks from all walks of life can work collectively, and an individual’s allegiance is as much as them, and never one thing owed to a nation. Whereas Hearth Lord Ozai exploits Sozin’s Comet to decimate Earth Kingdom territory, Iroh makes use of it to free Ba Sing Se from the Hearth Nation within the excellent instance that steadiness is led to by folks, not the weather they bend.

Nobody is completely good or completely evil in Avatar: The Final Airbender; even Azula is only a youngster lashing out as a result of she thinks her mom hates her. Pakku might need been a sexist, however he was making an attempt to abide by his long-held traditions, and was open to vary when he noticed the way it affected others. Zuko was so obsessed that he burned down Suki’s village and grew to be compassionate sufficient to apologize for his actions. From heroes like Aang and Katara to villains like Ozai and the Dai Li, Avatar treats all its characters like they’re actual folks, with extra to them than meets the attention.


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