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Every American Pie Movie Ranked, According to Critics


Highschool coming of age films have been a staple for many years, however when American Pie hit theaters in the summertime of 1999, few have been ready for the polarizing dive into soiled humor. American Pie plunged into raunchy territory that few films had dared to go. And it did it with lustful enthusiasm.

American Pie thrust previous conventions, placing film customers on reverse sides of the standard line of acceptable viewing materials. On the one hand, bathroom and sexual humor had at all times been round, and a few have been joyful to have a possibility to giggle publicly at such jokes. On the opposite, some claimed American Pie marked the ultimate degradation of all requirements in Hollywood, going as far as to assert that there would quickly be no distinction between films in theaters and porn.

However American Pie hit a chord with sufficient individuals to breed three extra films within the core sequence and several other spin-offs. Each garnered each protest and extra followers alike. Someplace within the center sat skilled film critics whose job was to objectively have a look at the film and report again on its strengths and shortcomings. Right here they’re from worst to finest by the critics’ scores, as calculated by averaging the rankings on Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes.

4. American Reunion – Common Rating: 47

American Reunion is the final film within the sequence, launched in 2012. American Pie centered round 4 highschool boys, and American Reunion introduced them collectively once more as they headed to their highschool reunion. The film’s plot relied closely on reliving the glory days of highschool and regurgitating the identical outdated jokes. This may need been a missed alternative by the creators for the reason that characters have been liked by loads of followers who would have loved seeing them on some new escapades or a minimum of utilizing some new materials.

In his review on rogerebert.com, which is underwritten by the Chicago Solar-Instances, Roger Ebert stated, “American Reunion has a sense of deja vu.” And Peter Travers of Rolling Stone summed up the entire premise by saying, “No need to worry that these Peter Pans actually grow up. American Reunion is dedicated to the proposition that no matter how old you get, you can stay immature forever.” American Reunion pulled a critics’ rating of 49 on Metacritic and 45 on Rotten Tomatoes.

3. American Pie 2 – Common Rating: 47.5

In 2001, American Pie 2 adopted the 4 associates on their first summer time trip since beginning faculty. It got here with a set of double complaints. For many who seemed ahead to a second episode of cringe-inducing conditions and the hilarious conflict of youthful naïveté and raging hormones, American Pie 2 pulled too closely on beforehand used jokes. In actual fact, a great deal of the jokes merely identified what occurred within the first film, saying, “that one time, in American Pie . . .” Opponents of the entire sequence cited the return of blatant lewdness and claimed it was proof of Hollywood’s descent into debauchery.

However regardless of the criticism, American Pie 2 did have its redeeming qualities. There was little dispute that if one may abdomen the humor, it was nonetheless sidesplitting. And the characters retained all their awkward glory whereas toeing the road between hilarious vulgarity and blatant disrespect. A. O. Scott reviewed the movie for the New York Times, saying, “For all its drooling lechery, American Pie 2 rigorously observes sure boundaries. The younger males, regardless of their braggadocio, are trustworthy to their girlfriends, and the summer time of lust has a smiley romantic-comedy face tacked on on the finish.” The second film garnered a rating of 43 on Metacritic and 52 on Rotten Tomatoes.

2. American Marriage ceremony – Common Rating: 48

American Marriage ceremony takes the main focus character, Jim, and his band camp girlfriend, Michelle, and concentrates on their marriage ceremony. Being the third film, the characters had followers invested of their lives and anticipating a romp studded with crass humor. With bachelor events, encounters with prolonged household, and the marriage evening to drag from, American Marriage ceremony had new materials to lastly diversify the repertoire of bawdy jokes. And it appeared to make good use of its new toys.

James Berardinelli of reelviews.net stated, “This movie is a vast improvement over the tired and uninspired American Pie 2, although it fails to make it to the lofty perch occupied by the first film.” After suggesting followers will love the film, he added the caveat, “Conservatives or morally upright people who stumble into this movie will need a valium.” American Marriage ceremony scored 43 on Metacritic and 53 on Rotten Tomatoes.

1. American Pie – Common Rating: 59.5

Nothing beats a primary love, and American Pie gained loads of love. Like a boisterous good friend who makes individuals blush and giggle on the identical time, American Pie unabashedly instructed the jokes nobody else would contact and did it in a means that garnered forgiveness for being so brazen. Being the story of 4 highschool boys who make a pact to lose their virginity by promenade evening, they sort out the dilemma with all of the sensitivity and talent one would anticipate from a bunch of randy teenagers. They’re hilariously naïve, inept, and typically even candy of their pursuit of the promised land.

Sifting previous the controversial nature of American Pie, Ebert targeted on reviewing the film for its construction somewhat than his tackle the tastefulness of the humor. On his review website, Ebert stated, “It is not inspired, but it’s cheerful and hard-working and sometimes funny, and–here’s the important thing–it’s not mean… Raunchy is OK. Cruel is not.” For all of the feathers it ruffled, American Pie did supply viewers an opportunity to let their hair down and get a great giggle on the awkward facet of sexuality. In any case, within the phrases of Jim’s father, “It’s, it’s a perfectly normal, uh, thing.” American Pie has a critics’ rating of 58 on Metacritic and 61 on Rotten Tomatoes.


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