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Every Miraculous Holder Introduced in Miraculous Ladybug


WARNING: This text comprises spoilers for all present episodes of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.

Lengthy gone are the times in Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir the place it was simply the 2 defending the town from Hawk Moth. Here’s a have a look at each Miraculous holder with Season 4 wrapped up.

Alya Césaire

Alya is the present possessor of the Fox Miraculous. As hero Rena Rouge, Alya has elevated pace and power, in addition to a fox’s scent of odor, listening to, stealth and glorious night time imaginative and prescient. Her most spectacular ability is her excessive agility, which permits her to leap larger than both Ladybug or Cat Noir. Rena makes use of her flute as a projectile bodily weapon in addition to to dam assaults. Her energy Mirage happens when Rena performs the flute to trigger a sphere of power to bloom on the finish. The sphere creates a imaginative and prescient for the sufferer when thrown however dissipates at a contact, and Rena should revert to her regular state only a few moments after utilizing Mirage. In the mean time, Alya is disguised as Rena Furtive to guard her household.

Jessica Keynes

Jessica is the present possessor of the Eagle Miraculous. When reworked into Eagle, she additionally has enhanced power, pace and agility. She is almost invulnerable and might use the ability Liberation to free herself from psychological restrictions corresponding to concern and even private ethics, making it a harmful means. She dietary supplements her powers with Bullroarer, an airfoil that acts very equally to Ladybug’s yo-yo.

Gabriel Agreste

Gabriel is the present possessor of the Butterfly Miraculous. He additionally at present possesses the Peacock Miraculous, which permits him to turn into Shadow Moth. The Butterfly Miraculous grants Gabriel the ability of Akumatization, permitting him to launch a black Akuma that grants an individual powers. He can telepathically talk with the Akumatized sufferer and revoke their energy in the event that they fail to stick to his needs.

Nathalie Sancoeur

Gabriel typically loans the Peacock Miraculous to Nathalie, who transforms into Mayura. Nathalie can use Amokization, which summons a Sentimonster. Just like the Akuma, a feather is became an amok and despatched to the supposed sufferer. The Sentimonster obeys whoever controls the amok, however Nathalie has final management if she needs the Sentimonster destroyed.

Nino Lahiffe

The Turtle Miraculous is within the Chinese language Miracle Field in Marinette’s possession, however is loaned out to Nino every so often so he can remodel into Carapace. Carapace has the standard enhanced abilities of pace and power, and can also be almost invulnerable to bodily harm. Nevertheless, he doesn’t have the agility to match different Miraculous holders and sometimes depends on others for long-distance journey. He carries a protect that will also be used as a projectile weapon. His energy Shell-ter makes use of his protect to create a barrier round himself and his allies. Like Alya, Nino should revert to his typical kind moments after activating Shell-ter.

Zoé Lee

The Bee Miraculous is at present within the Chinese language Miracle Field, however lent to Zoé for tough missions. With it, Zoé transforms into Vesperia. Vesperia has the standard tremendous pace and power, but additionally possesses Spinning Prime, which can be utilized to speak with different Miraculous holders in addition to be used as a weapon. Her means Venom can instantly immobilize her opponent, although she too solely has a number of moments earlier than she should return to her true kind after utilizing it.

Mylène Haprèle

The Mouse Miraculous is at present within the Chinese language Miracle Field, however is given to Mylène as wanted. As hero Polymouse, Mylène has enhanced pace, power, stamina and agility. She makes use of her Leap Rope very similar to Ladybug’s yo-yo to restrain her goal. Her particular means Multitude permits Mylène to shrink and clone herself quite a few occasions and not using a recognized restrict. Nonetheless, there are nonetheless a variety of questions in regards to the talents of the Mouse Miraculous.

Kagami Tsurugi

The Dragon Miraculous is at present within the Chinese language Miracle Field, however Marinette loans it out to Kagami to remodel into hero Ryuko. Ryuko has all the usual enhanced abilities — notably pace — but additionally has close to invulnerability in addition to an enhancement to her pure sword abilities. She makes use of the sword as her weapon and has the flexibility to show into water, wind or lightning. Kagami should return to her regular state after utilizing all three parts.

Luka Couffaine

The Snake Miraculous is at present within the Chinese language Miracle Field, however is given to Luka so he might remodel into Viperion. Together with tremendous pace and power, he additionally has close to invulnerability and a snake’s sense of listening to, odor and even infrared imaginative and prescient. Luka makes use of a Lyre as a weapon, which distracts enemies and might bind their palms if in shut proximity. Luka’s energy Second Probability permits him to slip again in time for small intervals.

Max Kanté

The Horse Miraculous is at present within the Chinese language Miracle Field, however Marinette provides it to Max for tough missions. With the Miraculous, Max turns into Pegasus, whose enhanced abilities of pace, power and agility outmatch lots of the others. He’s additionally almost invulnerable. His weapon Horseshoe can be utilized as a boomerang, and his means Voyage provides him the ability to open portals to any vacation spot he wishes.

Kim Lê Chiến

Kim additionally has his Miraculous loaned to him from Marinette out of the Chinese language Miracle Field. With the Monkey Miraculous, he turns into King Monkey. King Monkey is like lots of the others with enhanced pace, power, agility and pace, in addition to close to invulnerability. Kim makes use of a workers as a weapon with the ability Uproar, which makes a toy seem that causes anybody who touches it to lose management over their powers for a short while.

Rose Lavillant

The Pig Miraculous is at present within the Chinese language Miracle Field, however is given to Rose when the event requires it. Rose transforms into Pigella, with enhanced pace and agility. Her tambourine is her most important weapon, which bounces again assaults corresponding to power beams and projectiles. Her energy Present conjures up a magical field that reveals her goal’s biggest want.

The addition of so many Miraculous Holders has raised the stakes tremendously for Marinette, Adrian and Hawk Moth. With extra Miraculous nonetheless unused within the Chinese language Miracle Field, there are numerous heroes nonetheless to be revealed and plenty of secrets and techniques left to uncover.


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