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Fena: Pirate Princess Is a Huge Melting Pot of Legends and Tropes


WARNING: The next accommodates spoilers for Fena: Pirate Princess Episode 5, “Coordinates,” now streaming on Crunchyroll and Grownup Swim.

We knew we have been in for an journey when Fena: Pirate Princess first premiered. How may we not when there are pirates and samurai and a mysterious vacation spot all rolled into one? Final week, Fena found that she had a secret connection to Joan of Arc by way of the stone that can lead her to Eden. This week, the crew travels to France, the place the stone will unlock a lacking piece of the puzzle for Fena. However as extra mysteries are revealed, the extra convoluted Fena will get.

fena pirate princess coordinates

By the point the crew reaches France, Fena’s hair has grown out to her shoulders. Once they arrive on shore, they’re confronted with two entrances — none of them are certain what they’re in search of, so they do not know which path to take. They need to rely solely on Fena’s intestine intuition. The doorway they decide leads them straight into an unlimited mine chamber, harking back to the mines of Moria from Lord of the Rings.

Upon reaching one other fork, Fena all of a sudden will get the identical feeling she felt in her dream. She enters a trance-like state as she guides the crew deeper into the cave with no phrase. Fena is appearing unusual and Yukimaru is anxious, however he is fast to disclaim that it is as a result of he is in love along with her. They enter a darkish cavern with a basin stuffed with glowing blue gentle within the center. Contained in the basin is a hoop of symbols surrounding two clear slabs, equivalent to the stone Fena has. She slides it by way of the hole and it reveals a set of coordinates.

fena pirate princess fena gets kidnapped

The latter half of the episode begins getting trope-heavy. Though they are a group of extremely acclaimed and completed warriors, which incorporates Yukimaru — who has a Fena radar and realizes that that Fena is not appearing herself — they someway do not see her wandering away alone. Fena finds the tombstones of Joan of Arc and Robert des Armoises, the husband of Joan of Arc. Inexplicably, a tear rolls down her cheek, and she or he asks why Joan has referred to as for Fena particularly.

Not one of the crew notices any of this and even made certain they weren’t being adopted, though they have to know that the group of pirate ladies is after them. One other cliche quickly eventuates: Fena is became a damsel in misery (once more) when she is kidnapped by O’Malley’s crew. The Samurai Seven don’t have any alternative however to surrender the coordinates in alternate for Fena’s security. Clearly, O’Malley’s crew is not going to let Fena go free; they want each the coordinates and Fena to search out El Dorado.

We have already got a Joan of Arc connection, however we have now yet one more legend to slap on: El Dorado, the misplaced metropolis of gold. The legend is smart given the context of the story, nevertheless it’s laborious to see the connection between El Dorado and Joan of Arc. Moreover, yet one more lore is revealed close to the top of the episode, this one in regards to the Samurai Seven: they’re the descendants of the Goblin Knights, who killed 3,000 Spanish troopers on the Battle of Dunkirk and have been “feared as the incarnation of Lucifer himself.” How does the whole lot relate to one another?

What’s extra, Shitan will get a message from a pigeon just like one we have seen earlier than. Yukihisa reveals that Shitan’s penchant for getting hooked up to individuals can be a bonus, as that can shield him from falling beneath the “witch’s spell” — which he suspects Yukimaru has already fallen beneath. Might this probably imply Fena?

There’s some hypothesis that El Dorado and Eden may be referring to the identical place. They’re each legendary paradises of kinds so there is a connection there, however with a lot occurring and every legend having its personal historic ties, it appears like a mishmash of mythologies stitched collectively by cliches and tropes. It seems to be like Fena remains to be looking for its footing as a shonen-shojo hybrid, however we’ll have to attend and see if it succeeds.


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