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Fena: Pirate Princess – Shitan’s Redemption Arc Isn’t as Fulfilling as It Could Be


WARNING: The next incorporates spoilers for Fena: Pirate Princess Episode 8, “A Knight’s Vow,” now streaming on Crunchyroll and Grownup Swim.

It is no secret how a lot Shitan distrusts Fena. When he first meets her in Fena: Pirate Princess, he is variety and teaches her how one can use the bow and arrow, regardless of how unwieldy the bow is and that it could solely be utilized by Shitan. Their relationship could be very brother/sister-like. Nevertheless, after tasking Yukihisa to do away with “the witch,” Shitan turns decidedly much less pleasant towards her, particularly when Fena’s existence compromises Yukimaru’s security.

Though Shitan has relented and joined within the effort to save lots of Fena and Yukimaru, this was clearly begrudging. If Yukimaru had not gone to save lots of Fena, Shitan more than likely would have dragged all of them again residence and left Fena alone. Nevertheless, Shitan now has to observe — for the second time — as Yukimaru is put in mortal hazard due to this woman.

The primary time was when he noticed Yukimaru severely injured as the only survivor of the Hope tragedy. Shitan had been extraordinarily fearful on the time, and Kei someday berates Shitan for being weak, calling him pathetic. Despondent, Shitan seeks out Makaba and examines the bows which might be too stiff to be of use — all rejects like him. Regardless of this, he nonetheless tries his hand at utilizing these bows, though he clearly is not capable of hit the goal. It is not till Yukimaru makes an offhanded remark that Shitan ought to take heed to his arrow and purpose on the spot the place the arrow needs to go that Shitan lastly succeeds. It is the identical recommendation that Shitan gave to Fena after they first met.

They handle to get Yukimaru to a physician, who extracts the 2 bullets. Because of Fena’s fast considering of utilizing tobacco leaves to stop festering, Yukimaru will survive. Whereas everybody celebrates, Shitan is the one one who stays quiet. He cannot hold quiet for too lengthy, although; he instantly blames all the pieces on Fena — Yukimaru’s accidents, the truth that they’re now all on the run — and tells them that they’ve fallen below the “witch’s spell.”

Shitan tells them that earlier than leaving, Yukihisa had knowledgeable him that Fena comes from a line of witches who leads males astray. Fena’s personal mom had pushed a person mad, and it is secure to imagine this man is Abel. Yukihisa has an inkling of Yukimaru’s emotions towards Fena and warns Shitan that ought to Yukimaru fall below Fena’s spell, he should kill her.

fena pirate princess shitan pinching fenas cheeks

The reveal of Shitan’s shared previous with Yukimaru solely highlights how essential Yukimaru is to Shitan. It is due to him that Shitan is ready to be the expert archer he’s at present. His devotion to defending Yukimaru stems from the ache that he felt at seeing him harm and never with the ability to do something about it. It is comprehensible, even when unwarranted, why Shitan doesn’t belief Fena. He is aware of Yukimaru would do something for Fena, particularly if she had been at risk, which consequentially places him at risk as effectively.

It subsequently makes little sense why Shitan has a sudden change of coronary heart when Fena goes to see him. She argues that she will’t feasibly be a witch and says that every one she needs to do is journey the world along with her buddies. That is apparently sufficient for him, as he simply pinches her cheeks and laughs, seemingly satisfied.

The pacing on this episode feels off. Whereas quieter episodes like these are wanted to flesh out characters, half of it was cut up between Shitan’s turning level and the heartfelt reunion between Fena and Yukimaru. The change in Shitan’s angle appears shallow given how sturdy his emotions are round Yukimaru; he was keen to kill Fena to guard Yukimaru. Nonetheless, Fena’s earnestness and total adorableness finally win him over. He does not ever come to the conclusion himself that Fena is somebody that he can belief — he merely accepts that Yukimaru sees one thing in her, which means his redemption arc feels oddly incomplete.


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