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Fena: Pirate Princess – The Samurai Seven’s Loyalty Is Thrown Into Question


WARNING: The next comprises spoilers for Fena: Pirate Princess Episode 6, “Mutiny on the Blue Giant,” now streaming on Crunchyroll and Grownup Swim.

Shedding Fena in Episode 5 of Fena: Pirate Princess was an enormous blow to her mates from the Samurai Seven, particularly Yukimaru. His concern for Fena places him at odds with considered one of his most trusted mates and discord is sown throughout the Samurai Seven when their true function is revealed ultimately.

Now that Fena is in Abel’s arms, he would not waste any time in revealing who the Samurai Seven actually are. After so many months touring collectively, will Fena’s belief in her mates waver?

fena pirate princess abel tells fena about samurai seven

O’Malley’s crew deliver Fena to Abel who, upon seeing her bruised wrists and injured neck, is livid: he was express in his orders to not hurt her. Abel tells Fena he is been on the lookout for her for ten years, a lot to her shock. Fena is invited to tea with him however stays suspicious. Nonetheless, when he mentions “La Pucelle” and claims he is aware of her mom, Fena yearns to know extra.

Nonetheless, Abel crops a seed of doubt in her thoughts when he mentions the Goblin Knights — a gaggle of 5 samurai troopers who killed ladies and kids, leaving “nothing but poppies” of their wake. The flower imagery on this flashback is sort of attention-grabbing, and connects to Episode 1 of Fena: Pirate Princess when Yukimaru saves Fena. The blood from these flowers spatters, in sharp distinction to Fena’s white flowers which normally symbolize purity. Though the Samurai Seven have made it clear that they might by no means kill ladies or youngsters, they clearly have a bloody legacy.

In the meantime, the Samurai Seven make fast work of busting out of the cave by way of explosives. Yukimaru is straight away strategizing how he can rescue Fena, however Shitan stops him. The orders from Yukihisa had been clear: as soon as they get the coordinates, they’re to return to the island. The remainder of the Samurai Seven are shocked. Wasn’t their mission to guard Fena?

Their ancestors, the Goblin Knights, got the mission by the Imperial Courtroom to seek for considered one of Japan’s best treasures: the legendary sword Kusanagi, rumored to be able to founding a nation. Kusanagi and lots of different valuables, lie in Eden. The rationale the Goblin Knights and their descendants have been serving the Houtmans is not out of gratitude, however as a result of they want them to get to Eden.

If the Samurai Seven select Fena over their duties, they will be labeled as fugitives and hunted down by a crew led by Shitan’s brother, Kei. Everybody’s faces are conflicted, torn between self-preservation and the need to save lots of their pal — all besides Yukimaru, whose resolution was made ten years in the past when he misplaced Fena. Shitan tries to cease him, telling him Fena is a witch who has siren-like talents to lure folks to their doom. However Yukimaru would not care and even goes as far as to threaten Shitan: he won’t hesitate to kill anybody who will get in his approach of rescuing Fena. To Yukimaru, Fena is Fena — no matter whether or not she’s a princess or a witch.

In line with Kei, Shitan’s weak point is his loyalty to his mates. Though Shitan’s insistence that they overlook Fena is framed as being targeted on their mission, it is probably he is frightened about their security. He would not need to sacrifice his mates’ lives for the sake of a woman they’ve solely identified for just a few months. Shitan would possibly appear to be he is a traitor however his loyalty to his mates is much larger than to Yukihisa and his brother. And now that Yukimaru is gone, we’ll probably see Shitan be a part of him and the remainder of the crew to rescue the princess as Fena: Pirate Princess heats up.


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