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Fena: Pirate Princess – What Is the Mysterious Abel’s Connection to Fena?


WARNING: The next incorporates spoilers for Fena: Pirate Princess Episode 7, “The Burning Sea,” now streaming on Crunchyroll and Grownup Swim.

In Fena: Pirate Princess, Fena units off on a journey to meet her father’s closing want to discover Eden. Her reminiscences blocked, this journey additionally turns into certainly one of self-discovery, the place Fena hopes to seek out out who she actually is. Most not too long ago she’s found that she has a reference to British navy commander Abel by way of the title of La Pucelle.

Abel is oddly obsessive about Fena. Each motion that he has taken, from affiliating with the Rumble Rose crew to his habits in direction of Fena, has had an unsettling undertone. Fortunately, Episode 7 lastly sheds some gentle on what precisely is perhaps driving his obsession.

When Fena first meets Abel, he has a peaceful, amiable demeanor and treats her reverently. On the surface, it looks as if he has no different motivation apart from discovering Fena and defending her. However because the episode continues, Abel’s habits will get into disturbing territory. It will get even creepier when it is revealed who the mysterious girl within the portray is.

The lady within the portray seems to be Fena’s mom, whom Abel had beforehand addressed as La Pucelle. Not solely is she Fena’s mom, Helena, however Abel tells Fena that the portrait was hand-painted by him, all from his childhood reminiscences — and it is at the moment the one current image of her. Abel additionally has the identical heart-shaped pendant that Fena and Helena used to have. But it surely does not look like the identical pendant that the 2 Houtman girls have, because it was gifted by O’Malley, assuming that it is a household heirloom. By his admissions, Fena deduces that Abel had been in love along with her mom and, most definitely, it was unrequited.

fena pirate princess abel kisses fenas hand

Understanding now that Abel is in love along with her mom, his interactions with Fena earlier than and after the reveal are ten occasions extra disconcerting. He may really see Fena as a substitute for Helena, since she had apparently by no means returned his emotions. Even seemingly benign issues Abel’s completed, like kissing Fena’s hand, a gesture often befitting a princess, now on reflection have a possessive edge to them.

For instance, when he holds Fena’s face and asks whether or not her mom had ever liked him. He even asks why she left with Fena. When the explosion from the Rumble Rose knocks the 2 of them off-balance, there is a shot that focuses particularly on Abel’s lips as he reaches out to catch Fena and calls her Helena once more. He appears fully misplaced in his reminiscences and does not see Fena anymore — he sees her mom in her place.

fena pirate princess abel holding pendant

There’s an irony in Abel warning Fena about how the “dangerous” Goblin Knights will solely use her, since he is not searching for her out of the goodness of his coronary heart.  His warning is perhaps alluding to the truth that Helena later marries Franz Houtman, who’s linked to the Goblin Knights. His worry for Fena being led astray by the Samurai Seven may stem from his paranoia that Fena shall be taken away from him similar to Helena was.

Issues get difficult when Abel reveals extra about who he’s and the way else he is perhaps linked to Helena. Abel claims that he had an appointed process, as he wistfully holds the pendant that appears a lot like Helena’s. There is a sinister smile that seems on his face simply earlier than he closes his hand over the pendant as he proclaims that he’ll lastly be capable of see her once more. Abel does not appear within the treasures which can be promised in Eden. The truth is, Eden may maintain the important thing to him lastly reuniting with Helena and that location resides in Fena’s reminiscences.


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