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From Sailor Moon to Lucky Star: The Iconic Anime School Uniform, Explained


College uniforms are nothing new in Western tradition. They are typically related to personal faculties, normally spiritual ones, although the occasional public college may even require them. Japan’s uniforms aren’t any totally different, however the model is quite distinctive.

The sailor uniform, or seifuku, if probably the most iconic model of uniform related to Japanese college youngsters. Collection like Sailor Moon and Fortunate Star function characters carrying the enduring outfit, however why are sailor uniforms even a factor in Japan?

Uniforms in Japan return so far as 150 years to the Meiji Period. Usually, feminine college students wore kimono and male college students wore hakama. Nevertheless, this might change as uniforms began to grow to be the usual. Within the Eighteen Eighties, Western model was starting to develop widespread, however there have been points with this model of gown.

Ladies’s activist and educator Utako Shimoda started advocating for extra snug apparel for ladies since kimono restricted the wearer’s actions, as did the corsets of Western gown. She designed a uniform based mostly on the model worn by Japanese imperial court docket ladies-in-waiting, together with the hakama, a unfastened set of trousers worn over a specially-designed kimono. This could grow to be the brand new commonplace uniform for highschool college students on this time interval. Even at present, they’re worn to graduations.

Sailor-style outfits started rising in reputation within the nineteenth Century, impressed by the outfits royal European youngsters would put on. They have been simple to make, and thus turned the brand new commonplace for junior and highschool women. For boys, military-style uniforms known as gakuran have been applied throughout the Taisho period, round 1912-1926. They consisted of an identical set of black pants and jacket, with 5 golden buttons lining the entrance of the jacket. A cap was additionally worn. In 1920, the principal of Fukuoka Jo Gakuin College, Elizabeth Lee, launched the sailor-style uniform based mostly on the British Royal Navy uniforms.

This was the pervasive uniform model and remains to be in use at present due to how formal it appears. Over time, extra Catholic-style uniforms with blazers and ties have been launched. Throughout the Nineteen Eighties, members of sukeban, or delinquent lady, gangs and commenced lengthening their skirts and shortening their shirts, so blazer and sweater-vest uniforms have been applied by faculties to attempt to quell this revolt. This was the time when bancho delinquent gangs additionally noticed an increase. The sailor-style uniform has since seen a decline in use, with solely 50% of center faculties and 20% of excessive faculties nonetheless utilizing the model as of 2012.

Regardless of what anime would have viewers consider, many seifuku uniforms do not function brief skirts. That is normally completed by the coed on a person foundation as a approach to attempt to stylize their uniforms. Some faculties have weekly uniform checks, so the ladies normally simply roll their skirts to make them shorter when they need. Sporting shorter skirts started rising in reputation within the Nineteen Nineties because the gyaru road model additionally grew widespread. The kogyaru model particularly options college uniform-like outfits with brief skirts, outsized socks, and dyed hair. Nevertheless, this model of trend has seen declining reputation over time.

Due to its affiliation with youth and innocence, the seifuku model has grow to be a instrument of sexualization and attraction. Very similar to different kinds of gown like maid outfits and nurses’ uniforms, adult-oriented media will function women in class uniforms, normally with the shorter skirts. This development could be seen in some anime and manga titles, normally as a manner for panty pictures for use reminiscent of in sequence like Rosario + Vampire.

Whereas not all sequence that function the shorter skirts are responsible of this, the uniform designs aren’t life like. The shortest skirts issued by a faculty will normally fall simply above the knee. Nevertheless, it needs to be famous that this creative alternative will also be a manner for the artist to create a novel search for their work. It is how they select to depict the characters carrying the uniforms.


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