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Fullmetal Alchemist: What Does Oct. 3 Mean to the Elric Brothers?


“Don’t forget 3 Oct. 11.” This message was inscribed on the within of Edward Elric’s State Alchemist pocket watch. The date has even turn into a real-world day for followers to point out appreciation for Fullmetal Alchemist. It was a private secret of Edward’s, and he sealed the watch along with his alchemy. The one solution to open it was with alchemy or instruments. The truth that he stored this message in such an essential and private place spoke to its significance however what does it imply?

Edward’s childhood pal Winry Rockbell is aware of the reply, although it’s not a nice one. 3 Oct. is the day the Elrics set hearth to their home and commenced their journey to search out the Thinker’s Stone. Nonetheless, even when they’re occurring a journey, destroying their very own residence appears extreme. Winry in all probability received’t say a lot about it because it’s a sensitive topic. Fortunately, viewers have the remainder of the collection to contextualize the Elrics’ actions and see what leads them to this alternative.

Edward Alphonse and Trisha Elric

Step one to understanding the Elrics’ actions is to have a look at the occasions main as much as it. As kids and budding alchemists, Ed and Al lived a blessedly peaceable life with their mom Trisha. When Trisha died from sickness, the boys tried utilizing alchemy to resurrect her.

Sadly, Human Transmutation is a strictly taboo observe on the planet of Fullmetal Alchemist because it at all times has horrible penalties. When the boys tried it, they every misplaced components of themselves; Ed misplaced his left leg and Al loses his whole physique. Ed used alchemy to transmute Al’s soul into a close-by swimsuit of armor, which additionally price him his proper arm. Regardless of every part they misplaced, the factor that was imagined to be their revived mom turned out to be a mangled abomination of flesh and blood. The boys realized from their folly, however they nonetheless needed their our bodies returned to regular so their objective turns into a seek for the answer to their newfound downside.

The Elrics’ alternative arrives within the type of the army. Lt. Roy Mustang, who was horrified but impressed by Ed’s affinity for alchemy, provided for him to check out to turn into a State Alchemist. Ed realized that if he joined the army, he may use their analysis supplies to search out the Thinker’s Stone, which might bypass the legal guidelines of alchemy. Edward took Mustang up on his provide with the hopes of discovering the Stone and utilizing its energy to revive himself and Alphonse.

That is the place 3 Oct. comes into the image. On today in 1911 (or 1910 within the 2003 anime), the Elrics set hearth to their previous household residence. In keeping with them, destroying their previous residence symbolized their resolve to go away the previous behind and head for his or her objective of restoring their our bodies. This was what Edward stated, however there’s one other interpretation of this motion. In keeping with their father Hoenheim, Edward burned down his home to not decide to the long run however somewhat to run away from the previous. He believed that Ed had regrets about attempting to transmute Trisha just for Alphonse to lose his physique.

It is price noting that the date modifications by a yr between FMA (2003) and FMAB (2010). The 2003 collection has the yr written as 1910, whereas within the 2010 anime and the manga, it is 1911. This modification to the 2003 model displays the alterations made to that anime’s storyline. In FMA (2003), Edward spent a yr underneath Shou Tucker’s roof as he educated for the State Alchemy Examination, so he set hearth to his personal roof a yr earlier. In each FMAB and the manga, the home isn’t burned down till after he handed his examination. This doesn’t change something in regards to the Elrics’ resolve, however it’s one thing to remember when watching each collection.

In any case, 3 Oct. clearly meant quite a bit to Edward if not each Elrics. To maneuver ahead with no manner to return is a tricky however essential choice to make. In fact, there may be some reality to Hoenheim’s phrase. It might definitely clarify why Edward thought-about this such a private matter and the way Winry is aware of what a delicate topic it’s. Whereas 3 Oct. is not a cheerful reminiscence for Edward, followers can nonetheless rejoice it as Fullmetal Alchemist Day whereas remembering their very own journey with the collection.


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