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Haslabs Is Letting Fans Fund an Anime-Exclusive Transformer


The Transformers franchise, particularly the unique incarnation, is often extra related to America than another nation. Regardless of this, the collection was really a collaboration between American toy firm Hasbro and Japanese toy builders Takara (now Takara-Tomy). After the Era 1 cartoon ended within the US, Japan had their very own Transformers cartoons, considered one of which starred a memorable new Autobot chief.

Star Saber was the fan-favorite protagonist of the anime Transformers: Victory, and his plastic likeness has an opportunity to be remade by Hasbro. A part of a brand new Haslab crowdfunding challenge, the event for the mighty Star Saber is dependent upon followers proving that they need it by funding it. Here is a glance again at who this considerably obscure Autobot was and what his deliberate toy will embrace.

Who Is Star Saber?

Star Saber fighting Deszaras/Deathsaurus.

Star Saber was the Autobot chief within the 1989 anime collection Transformers: Victory, and he in some ways cemented the a lot totally different kind the franchise would take within the latter G1 years in Japan. His design far more resembles a Japanese Tremendous Robotic than a Transformer, and whereas his brilliant crimson, blue, yellow and white coloration scheme would possibly considerably evoke Optimus Prime, his Cybertronian Jet alternate mode is something however an on a regular basis truck.

Star Saber was a Brainmaster, which have been considerably much like the previous Headmasters in {that a} small robotic mixed with a bigger “Transtector” car. Star Saber’s smallest kind was the diminutive robotic Yuki, the Mind of Braveness. It mixed with the Transtector jet Saber, changing into the robotic mode’s face and head. Saber’s robotic mode may pilot the V-Star’s car base mode, or mix with it in car mode to turn into Star Saber. Star Saber’s robotic mode was a big, towering robotic swordsman that stood for justice and struck worry into the hearts of evil Decepticons.

Star Saber’s rival was the then-current Decepticon chief Deszaras/Deathsaurus, who was as highly effective and mighty as his Autobot counterpart. Likewise, when the Optimus Prime lookalike Ginrai was rebuilt into Victory Leo, Star Saber gained the power to mix with the lion Transformer into Victory Saber. This made him not solely one of the vital highly effective Transformers ever, however his toy was additionally one of many greatest within the franchise.

Star Saber’s legacy has sadly been relegated to obscurity, as he is solely actually recognized in Japan resulting from his cartoon and authentic determine staying unique to the area throughout Era 1. The largest of his few homages have been additionally anime-related. Transformers: Armada launched a brand new Star Saber, although this new man had nothing to do with the unique Autobot. The follow-up, Transformers: Energon, the second entry within the “Unicron Trilogy,” launched an Autobot named Wing Dagger who was later rebuilt into Wing Saber. Wing Saber’s design was a mixture between Star Saber and, satirically, the Era 1 Decepticon Combiner, Predaking, along with his capacity to mix with Optimus Prime seemingly homaging Victory Leo.

Haslab’s Star Saber Toy

The Haslab/Hasbro Pulse Star Saber toy was revealed lately, providing followers the prospect to fund the event of an Autobot hero straight from the celebrities above.  This follows within the footsteps of Haslabs crowdfunding a number of Marvel figures, in addition to the big evil Transformer planet, the Chaos Bringer Unicron.

The (seemingly upcoming) Star Saber toy would convey the hero’s full glory to a contemporary motion determine, offering a very reworking model of the as soon as Japanese-exclusive character with all of his outdated gimmicks. This features a 1″ Yuki/Brain of Courage, a 5″ Saber toy, a 8.5″ V-Star and a 7.5″ Victory Leo for it to mix with. This latter function really places it forward of the Masterpiece version Star Saber determine, which had joints to mix with a possible Masterpiece Victory Leo that is but to be developed.

The asking worth can be much more cheap, because the $179.99 backing charge is inexpensive than most websites have the Masterpiece model listed for. With a complete of 11,000 backers wanted and having already acquired over 7,500 with 25 days left in its marketing campaign, the crowdfund for Star Saber is bound to be a hit, proving that Autobot leaders moreover Optimus Prime have each the contact and the facility.


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