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Heaven May Be the Most Dangerous Place to ‘Live’ in Dragon Ball


Below regular circumstances, there’s nowhere safer than Heaven — a spot the place all the nice souls collectively collect after their loss of life. Nevertheless, the world of Dragon Ball Z is much from regular. If something, Heaven is a spot the place whole cessation of existence comes uncomfortably near taking place. A personality’s soul is most susceptible within the afterlife, with the always-present menace of being obliterated by a strong villain who can simply teleport over there.

Whereas the strongest would possibly defend themselves in opposition to threats that may depopulate planets in nanoseconds, characters can likewise find yourself obliterated forevermore in seconds. The instability of Heaven — and the implications of obliteration — make it probably the most harmful locations in existence within the Dragon Ball franchise.

The Security Internet of Different Realities

Each different actuality has a security web that forestalls a person from experiencing the entire finish of their existence. Dying within the materials actuality means that being’s soul travels to the afterlife. Even in Hell, as we study in Dragon Ball GT, the souls of the condemned are functionally immortal — maybe to justify their neverending torment. Nevertheless, as soon as a soul leaves the opposite facet with out being revived or dwells in Heaven, as we realized within the Buu Saga, they danger being destroyed completely. There isn’t a rebirth if somebody dies in Different World — that is it.

Regardless of being a paradise, this danger of whole obliteration makes it onerous to really feel secure or snug in Heaven. Not less than on Earth, there is a second life after loss of life. A lifeless soul can nonetheless return with a bodily physique, blurring the strains between life and loss of life completely. Nevertheless, the potential for being completely annihilated makes it onerous to justify such a danger.

Heaven Will Simply Let Anybody In

The chance of two souls preventing and ending each other’s existence is at all times a gift danger, however making this extra harmful is how materials creatures can simply enter Heaven by harnessing the ability of Instantaneous Motion or Immediate Transmission. That is seen most explicitly with Child Buu, who materializes in Heaven after laying waste to varied planets within the materials universe.

Due to this, any menace or hostile can get into the afterlife in the event that they possess the right means. Attributable to this and the rising variety of high-level threats, it is absurdly seemingly that any highly effective enemy can journey to Heaven and obliterate everybody in the event that they so need. Consequently, nobody is secure.

This menace turns into much more extreme now that the multiverse has opened up. Whereas Zeno can destroy any actuality with the blink of an eye fixed, somebody in Heaven can expertise that very same feeling of whole obliteration if, say, Hit travels there for an assassination. If a menace arrives that somebody like Pikkon can not deal with, Heaven is unguarded in opposition to whole erasure — as is everybody dwelling inside it.


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