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Higurashi: Sotsu Just Became a Magical Girl Anime


WARNING: The next comprises spoilers for Episode 14 of Higurashi: When They Cry – Sotsu, “God-Entertaining – Part 3,” now streaming on Funimation.

Now that the recapping and exposition are over with, Higurashi: Sotsu seems to be set to barrel in the direction of its finale. Rika and Satoko’s confrontation is effectively overdue. However with virtually no time left in its run, can Sotsu actually give followers a passable conclusion to what’s been an inconsistent expertise?

The cliffhanger arrange in Gou is resolved virtually too shortly, as Satoko makes fast work of Rika after which herself in what’s admittedly one of many extra visually artistic sequences in Sotsu. When the 2 get up, Rika is fast to accuse Satoko, which kicks off a violent and bloody confrontation that sends the 2 loopers via varied fragments.

Your complete sequence is only one lengthy, aggressive airing of grievances by the 2. It’s a confrontation that’s been a very long time coming. Sadly, it appears as if the sequence refuses to broaden upon Satoko’s motivations additional than her surface-level struggles with finding out.

The brand new sequence was seemingly crafted to broaden upon Satoko’s character, however each Gou and Sotsu have failed at growing her in any significant approach. Followers may need loved seeing Satoko slotted in as Gou’s villain at first, however Sotsu hasn’t been in a position to preserve that momentum. This episode might have remedied that. Its failure to do something important with its two leads appears like yet one more missed alternative.

As egocentric as Satoko has been all through this complete ordeal, it’s price noting that Rika herself approached the St. Lucia state of affairs with the unsuitable mindset. Her transgressions may not be on the extent as Satoko’s, however Rika has proven herself to be unwilling to sympathize together with her pal’s struggles. She’s fast to dismiss Satoko’s clear disdain for the approach to life Rika needs for her, as an alternative assuming that Satoko ought to change so as to accommodate her needs.

Because the combat goes on, Rika takes out her piece of the Onigari-no-ryuuou and is engulfed in a vibrant blue aura, donning a Miko outfit much like Hanyuu’s. Satoko retrieves the sword itself, present process an identical transformation, although her Miko outfit is extra like Eua’s. At this level, the episode devolves into magical girl-type motion sequences. Although ridiculous, the combat is effectively animated and presents followers a pleasant payoff for his or her weeks of endurance.

The sword ultimately merges with Rika’s piece, and the 2 tumble via varied fragments whereas struggling to come up with it earlier than the opposite. Rika manages to muster simply sufficient energy to grab the traditional sword from Satoko, who appears to concede her loss and settle for the potential for her loss of life. As Rika considers what to do, Hanyuu continues to hope for an additional miracle whereas she and Eua watch from the Sea of Fragments.

All indicators level in the direction of Episode 15 being Sotsu’s final. Ryukishi07 and Passione have tricked followers prior to now, so there’s all the time the potential for one other cour or a unique sequence being introduced. However because it stands, followers ought to brace themselves for a really rushed and probably unsatisfactory conclusion. The super-powered standoff between Satoko and Rika was a shock, however a welcome one. Sotsu hasn’t had that many worthwhile sequences all through its run. This, nonetheless, stands alongside the institution of Satoko’s witch persona as one of many higher issues the sequence has to supply.


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