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Higurashi Sotsu: Things Heat Up As Eua Is Confronted By [SPOILER]


WARNING: The next incorporates spoilers for Episode 12 of Higurashi: When They Cry – Sotsu, “God-Entertaining – Part 1,” now streaming on Funimation.

Higurashi: Sotsu has caught quite a lot of flak from followers for its extreme recapping of Gou’s occasions, giving solutions to primary questions that had been primarily solved as soon as Satoko was revealed because the wrongdoer. The primary episode of the God-Entertaining arc teases followers with a extremely anticipated confrontation between two of Higurashi’s strongest characters. Sadly, this solely eventuates after some underwhelming exposition.

This episode touches upon Hanyuu’s relationship with Rika, shifting the main focus over to her all through the prologue. Hanyuu was Rika’s closest ally throughout her preliminary loops, and the 2 shared a detailed mother-daughter bond all through the unique sequence. Sotsu has been set on exploring Satoko’s character to this point, however the present takes a while to acknowledge Hanyuu’s motivations — notably relating to her dynamic with Rika — on this episode.

One factor that stands out is Hanyuu acknowledging that the looping means she gave Rika is flawed. As Eua has identified in previous episodes, Satoko’s looping powers are far superior to Rika’s. That hole in means is attributed to their benefactors, with Eua referring to Hanyuu as a failure on a number of events. Hanyuu’s cracked horn performs an enormous function on this, giving Rika an instantaneous drawback in nearly each loop she enters.

The similarities of their designs, together with Eua’s obvious familiarity with Hanyuu, have led many viewers to invest on some kind of connection present between the 2. The cracked horn might signify that Hanyuu is a few kind of incomplete model of Eua, though they may very nicely be two utterly completely different individuals. Nonetheless, the truth that they appear the identical and share comparable powers means that there’s one thing at play right here.

Hanyuu isn’t essentially probably the most helpful character within the unique sequence, however her intentions are noble and she or he exhibits a real concern for Rika. However, Eua comes off as extremely twisted and menacing, with no actual attachment to Satoko and caring just for her means to offer her with leisure. It’s onerous to imagine that the 2 deities may very well be even remotely linked, however stranger issues have occurred inside the When They Cry universe.

The vast majority of the episode continues with the “Neko” loops, giving a minuscule quantity of context in what feels extra like a short recap than something of substance. The one revelation to come back from these loops is in Satoko’s meddling with the Onigari-no-ryuuou, shifting it from its preliminary spot away from Rika. As seen in Gou, Rika nonetheless manages to snag a bit of the sword, which is able to undoubtedly be of some significance every time the plot picks up from the place Gou left issues off.

The largest second of the episode comes when Hanyuu, at this level thought to have disappeared inside the Sea of Fragments, manifests earlier than Eua. The malevolent deity once more exhibits some kind of familiarity with Hanyuu, addressing her as her “failure.” If Eua is as sturdy as she claims to be, Hanyuu may very well be at a extreme drawback.

With only some extra episodes to go, it’s getting tougher to anticipate whether or not or not Sotsu will conclude Gou’s narrative. Whereas it’s attainable to deal with and resolve most of what’s been launched to this point, doing so inside a 60-minute timeframe would undoubtedly really feel like a rushed job. Because it stands, Sotsu has spent an excessive amount of time dragging out questions that almost all followers might already guess the solutions to. Until a second cour or perhaps a third season is introduced within the remaining stretch, Sotsu might very nicely depart many When They Cry followers feeling unfulfilled.


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