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How Avatar: The Last Airbender Lays the Ground Work for Republic City


Republic Metropolis in Legend of Korra is a serious step towards peace and understanding on this planet of Avatar. The town represents a union between the 4 nations and incorporates every tradition into the town. A council representing every nation even labored collectively to control the town for a time. Republic Metropolis is meant to be a spot the place everyone seems to be welcome no matter nationality or bending means.

It is onerous to think about that after greater than 100 years of battle, one thing as formidable as Republic Metropolis was doable. Regardless of the lofty objectives of the town, the core thought behind Republic Metropolis had existed way back in Avatar: The Final Airbender. There are a lot of cases all through the sequence the place it’s defined that the 4 nations and the 4 components are extra alike than they’re totally different. The world of Avatar is made up of particular person elements that come collectively to create a unified complete.

One of many main causes of the Hundred Yr Conflict was the concept that the 4 nations had been separate entities and never merely a single a part of the broader world. The Fireplace Nation seen itself and its tradition as completely totally different from the remainder of the world. The opposite nations had been seen as opponents to defeat as an alternative of potential companions. This perspective led to ingroup considering and antagonism between individuals.

Nonetheless, the Avatar proves that the nations and components themselves usually are not as disparate as one may assume. The Avatar is reborn into every of the 4 nations and should be taught all the components in every new life. They embody all the weather and symbolize every nation, not simply the one they had been born into. Though Aang realized airbending first and was raised as an Air Nomad, he was simply as a lot a firebender as he was an airbender. His identification as a bender can’t be faraway from him. Simply as Aang represented the 4 nations mixed into one entity, so too does Republic Metropolis.

Whereas Aang was coaching with Guru Pathik, he famous that many individuals believed within the phantasm that the 4 nations had been separate. No matter which nation an individual is born into, they nonetheless share the world with everybody else who lives in it. There is no such thing as a actual purpose that an individual born within the Fireplace Nation ought to view themselves in a different way from somebody born into the Water Tribe. The identical logic applies to the weather as effectively. There’s a number of overlap throughout the weather. For instance, each airbenders and waterbenders can manipulate clouds. Eathbenders and waterbenders can manipulate mud. There’s even a principle that solely earthbenders who’ve firebender and earthbender mother and father can bend lava.

Avatar Nation Symbols Drawn in the Sand

Throughout Zuko’s coaching to redirect lightning, Iroh taught Zuko a transfer he realized from finding out waterbenders. This system permits an individual to redirect the power of a lightning bolt again at an opponent. The lesson that Zuko realized demonstrates how intently associated the weather are to 1 one other. A transfer that originates from waterbenders might be utilized to firebenders despite the fact that fireplace and water are supposedly reverse components. All bending is just a type of energybending, no matter what specific factor is being managed.

Repeatedly, Avatar: The Final Airbender exhibits characters from totally different nations and who management totally different components discovering frequent trigger with each other. They educate one another, share tradition and work collectively regardless of their imagined variations. Republic Metropolis is the manifestation of those concepts. Right here, the phantasm of distinction and separation is dispelled, permitting its residents to see the reality: that they’re all simply individuals.


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