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How CLAMP’s X/1999 Differs From the X TV Series


Probably the greatest-known and extra difficult-to-find CLAMP sequence is X, also referred to as X/1999. An eschatological doomsday thriller, the Y2K-esque X was simply one of many artistic crew’s darkest tales on the time. As a consequence of this typically ugly nature, the manga was finally placed on a still-in-effect hiatus. There have been different variations of the story, nevertheless, with the sequence receiving an anime film and a TV adaptation.

They observe the identical primary plot, however the X/1999 film and anime differ considerably attributable to their content material and the place and the way they finish the in any other case incomplete story. This is what the notorious sequence is about, and the way each of its variations inform wildly completely different variations of it.

How the X/1999 Film and Present are Comparable

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Each the film and the present adapt the CLAMP manga X/1999, which started in 1992. The story tells the story of Kamui Shiro, a younger man with extranormal skills who returns to his outdated residence in Tokyo. Nevertheless, he quickly turns into embroiled within the affairs of the Dragons of Heaven and the Dragons of Earth, two teams searching for to both save the Earth and humanity or to wipe out each in an apocalyptic cleaning.

What outcomes from these conflicts is a breathtakingly lovely but horrifying story of the Earth’s finish, and the machinations that lastly put the planet on the brink. This central battle and lots of the characters have been current not solely within the manga, but additionally each variations. That is the place the similarities start to dissipate, nevertheless, as each variations are set at completely different factors within the story and finish in several methods.

How the X/1999 Film and Anime are Completely different

Poster for the 1996 X/1999 movie.

The 24-episode anime in fact tells much more of the unique story than a 100 minute film ever might, and that reality’s lengthy been one of many greatest criticisms of the X/1999 film. The movie was famous by followers for basically being an prolonged music video for the franchise, dashing via a small a part of the story with a view to get to the world-breaking ending. Characterization is extremely mild, with the supporting solid downplayed to higher get to the top of the world in beneath two hours. The present does a significantly better job of defining the complete solid, in doing so strengthening the impression of the story itself.

One main distinction between the film and the present was which characters have been included. As an illustration, Kakyou had not but debuted within the manga by the point the film was made, however he does present up within the anime model. Characterizations are additionally completely different between the film and present. Foes corresponding to Kusanagi and Fuuma are way more ruthless and violent within the film model, whereas their manga and anime counterparts aren’t almost as liable to violent outbursts.

Then there are the controversial endings, with each productions having to make one thing up because of the manga nonetheless missing a conclusion. Given the apocalyptic tone, it is sensible that each endings are fairly bleak, however the film model undoubtedly takes the cake. The present’s ending has Kamui sacrificing himself to undo what the Dragons of Earth had finished, saving everybody and reverting the villainous Fuuma again to how he initially was. Different characters are proven afterward having gone on with their lives and grow to be comparatively completely happy contemplating what had taken place beforehand.

The film, alternatively, is actually apocalyptic, with the Earth itself being one of many solely survivors. The Dragons of Earth and Heaven are all lifeless as Tokyo is left in an ashen break. Kamui survives, however is traumatized by the dire plan of action that he had been compelled to take. There have been a number of characters who die within the anime that hadn’t but within the manga, however even this physique rely is nowhere close to that of the film.

Nevertheless, the film fails to actually outline the various dying characters anyway, feeling extra like a proof of idea for the eventual present than an entire story by itself. If all of this, plus the opposite a number of modifications, sound like a bit an excessive amount of for followers of the manga, the X/1999 anime adaptation is probably going a significantly better option to watch the apocalypse unfold.


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