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How Laxus Dreyar Became Fairy Tail’s Own Thor, the Mighty Avenger


The MCU and the world of anime aren’t so completely different in spite of everything. Many characters in Western comics or anime have outstanding similarities, even when one did not immediately encourage the opposite. Shonen sequence reminiscent of One Piece, Bleach, Naruto and Fairy Tail have lots in widespread with DC and Marvel Comics, and that features Laxus Dreyar, the lightning dragon slayer.

Loads of anime and comedian characters use the facility of lightning, however Fairy Tail‘s Laxus has rather more in widespread with Thor of the MCU than a component of energy. These two males have remarkably aligned character arcs, together with the value of conceitedness, battle with the individuals dearest to them, hard-won classes of humility and what it actually means to be a hero.

The Tragic Hubris Of Laxus Dreyar & Thor Odinson

Laxus Dreyar_Fairy Tail

Laxus’ character arc in Fairy Tail begins in a similar way as Thor’s, each being born into highly effective households with a father determine to look as much as. Thor’s father is the smart Odin, king of Asgard, whereas Laxus regarded as much as his grandfather, guild grasp Makarov Dreyar. These sons have been quickly at odds with their father figures, leading to multiple type of battle. Laxus was distraught when Makarov banished Laxus’ father, Ivan, from the Fairy Tail guild. The boy noticed this as a betrayal of the guild’s emphasis on household ties and the facility of friendship.

A rift grew between Laxus and Makarov, with the previous rising bitter and forming new concepts on what a wizard guild ought to actually be like. Equally, Thor grew annoyed being in Odin’s shadow, impatient for his flip to assert the Asgardian throne. He noticed all the pieces by way of energy and glory, being a shallow warrior who thought he may hammer his approach to greatness. Laxus’ resentment and twisted beliefs exploded onto the scene not lengthy after the Fairy Tail-Phantom Lord guild battle, when he returned together with his Thunder God Tribe and a few radical new concepts on how the Fairy Tail guild needs to be run.

Laxus pitted his fellow guildmates towards each other in a check of survival of the fittest, and personally battled each Natsu Dragneel and Gajeel Redfox earlier than narrowly dropping in a detailed bout. Upon his defeat, the conceited Laxus was banished from the guild, however Makarov took no pleasure in exiling his grandson. With a well-recognized and sort gesture, Makarov made it clear he nonetheless believed in his grandson and awaited the day they may very well be reunited. In the meantime, within the MCU, Odin banished Thor to Earth in a reverse isekai journey after Thor’s ill-advised assault on the Frost Giants.

The Misplaced Lightning Warriors’ Redemption In Fairy Tail & The MCU

Fairy Tail Laxus Dreyar

Laxus’ position in Fairy Tail was to show that even a bitter and misguided particular person like him nonetheless has good inside, and there’s hope for redemption. Positive sufficient, Makarov and Odin did not surrender on their hotheaded fees so simply, and each ready forward of time for Laxus’ and Thors’ inevitable returns. Odin ready Mjolnir for Thor’s later worthiness, and Makarov gave Laxus a farewell gesture to say “I remember the bond we have, and it will unite us again someday.”

After wandering the continent of Ishgar for a time, Laxus returned throughout the “Tenrou Island” arc — his first tentative step at redeeming himself and discarding his conceitedness in favor of humility. Laxus helped defeat Hades and later took half within the Grand Magic Video games match as a reformed wizard and a greater grandson. He even risked his life to guard his buddies and the townsfolk from the wrath of Tempester. This new Laxus was a real group participant who knew higher than to make all the pieces about his personal glory and accomplishments.

Thor had an identical expertise, going through dying itself earlier than lastly letting go of his self-centered conceitedness and thus changing into worthy to wield Mjolnir as soon as once more. Victorious, he returned to Asgard with a brand new perspective on himself and the world at giant. That laid the groundwork for him becoming a member of the Avengers and viewing them as friends and buddies moderately than minions to be pushed round.

Later nonetheless, Thor humbly acknowledged his inferiority earlier than Hela and the large Surtur, and located the power to hold on even after Asgard was destroyed in Thor: Ragnarok. Thor suffered a lot private loss, however as an alternative of pridefully denying his weak point and failures, he accepted his position in it and moved on regardless. Laxus realized an identical lesson in Fairy Tail and have become a greater wizard for it.


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