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Hunter x Hunter: Hisoka’s ‘Hot Pennywise’ Look Works Wonders for His Rep


Murderous villains Hisoka, from the anime sequence Hunter x Hunter, and Pennywise, from the movie sequence IT, profit from the terrifying clown trope. Very like the Joker, these clowns uncannily subvert the normal function of a comical entertainer into one thing unnerving. Hisoka is an enthralling, bloodthirsty sadomasochist, all the time on the hunt for his subsequent thrill. He does as he pleases and exudes a flamboyant character. Pennywise, also referred to as IT, is launched as a dancing clown that lives within the sewers. Outwardly he’s pleasant, however he solely makes use of this trait to lure in victims.

With their make-up, purple hair and ornamental outfits, Hisoka and Pennywise match the Auguste clown character design. Any such entertainer, additionally know as a slapstick clown, is most frequently related to coulrophobia, the concern of clowns, which stems from not figuring out what lies behind the masks. Hisoka means “secret” in Japanese, and is thought to be a whimsical liar. Moreover, his impulsive nature makes him onerous to perceive or escape. Pennywise’s true type is just not even a clown, however an evil void. He’s a considerably baffling, multilayered character that’s much less of an individual and extra of a drive. Each characters capitalize on deception and weaponize concern to realize their means.

They’re each chaotic in nature. Hisoka is a transmuter, which permits him to alter the properties of his aura at will. His method, referred to as Bungee Gum, transforms his aura right into a sticky, rubbery substance that he can connect to and detach from his opponents at will. Bungee Gum’s literal translation is “elastic love,” and is believed to signify Hisoka’s fickle nature, contemplating he as soon as stated, “It takes a mere second for treasure to turn to trash.”

One other trick up his sleeve is Texture Shock, which interprets to “flimsy lies.” Equally, Pennywise is an elusive shape-shifting drive of evil. He assumes no matter type will terrorize his victims essentially the most, however defaults to a clown or big spider as a result of they’re widespread phobias. A well-liked evaluation of Pennywise is that he represents the unknown, all-consuming evil on the earth. Each characters have an insatiable urge for food for destruction.

At his core, Hisoka is a hedonist: an individual who believes that the pursuit of enjoyment is crucial factor in life. He finds essentially the most enjoyment in preventing sturdy opponents, a lot that he savors the ache. Ever the playful villain, Hisoka likes to toy along with his prey, and watch them squirm. Pennywise additionally relishes in scaring his prey. He does so to “salt their meat,” which makes them style higher. He’s a vessel that must be stuffed with the despair of others. He feeds roughly each three many years after which hibernates, very like the cycle of struggle and peace.

Typically, Hisoka and Pennywise share bodily similarities, however their particular person kinds are very completely different. Pennywise sports activities a extra conventional clown design. That is very true of the 90s miniseries with Tim Curry sporting shiny purple hair, an enormous spherical nostril and a frilly outfit. Hisoka, however, is extra modern, carrying a crop high and excessive heels. He performs up the clown facets in his character and love of leisure, however discards the kitschy stuff. His make-up is one other interpretive twist as he attracts a star and teardrop underneath his eyes as an alternative of full face paint.


The villains additionally differ within the prey they search. Hisoka hunts his friends. He goes as far as to spare folks he might simply kill, saying, “It suits me to let you live until you become a worthy opponent.” This is the reason Hisoka doesn’t critically injure Hunter x Hunter’s foremost character, Gon, and at occasions even turns into an ally — although his actions stay self-serving as he salivates over Gon’s potential, patiently ready for “the fruit to ripen.”

Pennywise, however, seeks victims fairly than an excellent struggle. He prefers kids as a result of they’re simple targets. With their immaturity, kids reply extra strongly to concern than adults, making them much more scrumptious to devour. This alien entity additionally feeds off evil on the earth and manipulates it to do his bidding by means of homicide and pure disasters.

Clowns possess the uncanny valley: a near-identical resemblance to a human being that arouses a way of unease or revulsion within the particular person viewing it. This is why the killer clown trope is so efficient; folks naturally really feel uneasy taking a look at their painted faces. Each Hisoka and Pennywise enjoy making their victims really feel uncomfortable and use this concern to deceive them. They share many qualities and differ in different sides, making them well-written and engaging examples of a basic villain archetype.


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