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Is Adachi & Shimamura’s Relationship Codependent or a Healthy Adolescent Romance?


Adachi & Shimamura is a slice-of-life anime that succinctly depicts the complicated nature of adolescent relationships. Initially revealed as a lightweight novel sequence by Hitoma Iruma, Adachi & Shimamura has been tailored into each manga and anime. Each mediums comply with the identical core storyline about two highschool ladies bonding after an opportunity assembly of their faculty fitness center. Season 1 of the anime depicts the budding romance between Sakura Adachi and Hougetsu Shimamura as the 2 navigate the throes of adolescence and highschool life. It is clear the 2 ladies care about one another deeply however do they love one another in a wholesome method?

Observing the conduct of each ladies, sure patterns begin to emerge. Each Adachi and Shimamura are loners in their very own method and have bother forming significant friendships. They develop into connected to one another in a method they’re unable to attain with their different classmates. Each look like residing in financially steady households however aren’t significantly near their mother and father. Shimamura seems to be attracted to at least one kind of lady, which turns into evident when her childhood pal Tarumi comes again into her life. Given each characters’ developments, it begs the query of whether or not or not their relationship is evolving into a traditional adolescent romance — or if it borders nearer to codependency.

Codependency in Adachi & Shimamura

Sakura Adachi & Hougetsu Shimamura

Initially coined by self-help creator Melody Beattie in her 1986 e book, Codependent No Extra, Beattie defines a codependent individual as “one who has let another person’s behavior affect him or her, and who is obsessed with controlling that person’s behavior.” A extra trendy definition of codependency by Discover Recovery describes it as a type of love dependancy during which one or two folks search love on the idea of feeling insecure or insufficient. In Japan, codependency is named “kyouizon” which can be outlined as a type of relationship dependancy during which two individuals are overly depending on their relationship to operate.

In each definitions, codependency describes a behavioral tendency to make use of relationships as a type of exterior validation as a result of one or each companions is unable to validate themselves internally. A number of the hallmarks of codependent conduct embody having low shallowness, feeling answerable for the emotions of others, having poor communication, weak boundaries, lack of belief, and even feeling the necessity to management conditions and the behaviors of others. Each Adachi and Shimamura current some examples of those behaviors in some capability.

In Adachi & Shimamura, Adachi is the one who extra strongly suffers from low shallowness and has seemingly struggled with all of it her life, in response to some classmates. Because of this, she has no idea of private boundaries and struggles to belief different folks, together with Shimamura. Associated to that’s her incapability to speak her ideas and emotions in socially applicable methods. When she doubts Shimamura’s funding of their friendship, she tends to check boundaries to see each her degree of receptiveness and funding. She particularly finds Shimamura’s pals threatening to their relationship and might get depressed and withdraw when she feels “rejected”. That is a method Adachi makes an attempt to manage Shimamura’s conduct.

In contrast, Shimamura does not seem to endure from low shallowness however does present signs of despair. Shimamura is conscious she was once extra outgoing and invested in her friendships. Now, nonetheless, she presents a extra cynical perspective, rationalizing that few relationships stay sturdy because of the truth folks change over time. As such, she does not suppose it is definitely worth the effort to take a position, which informs the best way she connects with Adachi and her different pals. This features a tendency to not talk her ideas and emotions and barely establishing wholesome boundaries. Nonetheless, she has some degree of funding in Adachi, whom she likens to her little sister. When she notices Adachi’s absence from faculty, she’ll typically investigate cross-check her.

Adachi & Shimamura: Attachment vs Connection

Adachi To Shimamura

One other method Adachi and Shimamura relate to at least one one other is of their attachment type, which is basically knowledgeable by their relationships with their mother and father — who are proven to be emotionally neglectful of them. Each ladies’ moms present the naked minimal lodging of meals, shelter and garments, however past that, they haven’t any actual involvement of their daughters’ lives. This little doubt informs their skill to attach with others versus forming an attachment.

In Adachi’s case, it is clear early on that she does not like to speak about her mother and father or her residence life. In Episode 4 of the anime, the place Shimamura encounters Adachi’s mom at an area fitness center, she learns how profoundly out of contact she is along with her daughter. Throughout a dialog with one other girl and in the end Shimamura herself, Adachi’s mom reveals what she thinks about her daughter, describing her as a “shy, depressing and troublesome” youngster to the purpose the place she’s at a lack of what to do along with her.

Adachi’s mom equally admits her daughter by no means says what’s on her thoughts and by no means is aware of how she’s feeling. “If she’s actually happy, I wish she’d tell me,” she communicated to Shimamura. “She just shuts herself off from everyone, no matter where I take her. I have no idea if she’s having fun or anxious.” When requested about how way back she began noticing this behavioral sample in her daughter, Adachi’s mom says it began across the time she was 4 or 5.

This dialog suggests Adachi’s mom is greater than possible simply as essential of her daughter in individual as she is when talking with others. Adachi almost definitely internalized her mom’s criticisms from a younger age to the purpose of forming what is named an avoidant attachment type, which is characterised by an inclination to disconnect from mother and father and in the end different folks as properly. People with an avoidant attachment type are recognized to lack emotion, which is how Adachi comes off to everybody in her life.

Shimamura’s mom is equally essential of her daughter and overtly factors out lots of her daughter’s flaws, resembling her tendency to skip class and never be terribly brilliant. When achieved within the presence of her personal pals, Shimamura tends to specific annoyance at her mom within the second, however long run, the fixed criticism could have precipitated Shimamura to withdraw from friendships and develop into depressed. As such, she additionally has an avoidant attachment type.

Adolescence Is Filled with Crossroads In Adachi and Shimamura

Regardless of Adachi and Shimamura having persona traits and attachment kinds that trigger them to behave in codependent methods, they’re additionally teenage ladies in a spot of transition of their lives. They’re beginning to discover who they’re as people, growing self-concepts, and attending to know themselves as sexual human beings and what their leanings are.

Whereas Adachi has extra pronounced codependent traits than Shimamura, she’s additionally the one who does probably the most evolving in Season 1. Shimamura has remained largely unchanged thus far, however Adachi progressively exhibits progress in areas she beforehand struggled with. Firstly of Adachi & Shimamura, Adachi had a profound lack of curiosity in relationships. By means of assembly Shimamura, she began studying to belief one other human being. To an extent, she even started spending time with classmates she in any other case would’ve averted. Whereas she’s nonetheless not keen on her classmates, Adachi opens as much as them in an effort to stay a part of Shimamura’s world.

One other space Adachi improves by Season 1’s finish is her communication abilities. Whereas she nonetheless struggles tremendously with establishing and sustaining wholesome boundaries, she does perceive the significance of sincere communication. Although she continues to be not in a spot the place she will totally admit how she feels about Shimamura, she begins exhibiting these emotions in very refined methods. At one level, Adachi even summons the braveness to hug Shimamura and inform her how essential she was in her life, even when Shimamura does not totally perceive what she means resulting from her degree of detachment.

Although Adachi and Shimamura arguably have all of the hallmarks of a codependent friendship initially of their journey, their present behaviors and attachment kinds usually are not set in stone. They’re nonetheless studying about themselves, which implies they nonetheless have alternatives to alter these unhealthy behaviors to more healthy ones as they become older. Adachi and Shimamura could also be codependent now, however they will study to like one another equally as totally realized people.


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