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Is Violet Evergarden a Human or a Cyborg?


Popping out just a few years in the past, the anime adaptation of Violet Evergarden has develop into fairly standard. Spinning off right into a 2020 film, the collection is stuffed with feelings, trauma and heartache. The eponymous Violet Evergarden is a girl attempting to re-enter society however discovering it laborious to take action after her tumultuous life. Mentioned life and the actions that it causes afterward have many individuals questioning what precisely Violet is.

Her stilted method of speech, lack of emotion and her very biology have many anime followers questioning whether or not or not Violet Evergarden is a cyborg. That is backed up by different info within the collection — specifically, her function. Here is a take a look at precisely what Violet is and the way the collection explains it.

What Is Violet Evergarden About?

Poster for Violet Evergarden.

The Netflix anime collection and ensuing films tailored the four-part Violet Evergarden collection of mild novels by Kana Akatsuki and Akiko Takase. The world of the collection includes Auto Reminiscence Dolls — individuals who help others within the act of writing and speaking their feelings. Considered one of these is the eponymous Violet Evergarden, a younger girl who has beforehand skilled traumatic hardship and a lower than peaceable life.

Looking for her manner on this planet is one thing that she quickly realizes she will not be prepared for, as regardless of her function, she finds feelings to be extremely complicated and obscure. This is among the a number of the explanation why followers assume she could also be a cyborg, android or another sort of robotic synthetic particular person. This social awkwardness regarding feelings and relationships is compounded not solely along with her unbelievable combating valor but additionally Violet having robotic arms. Regardless of this proof, Violet is much more human than she appears.

Is Violet Evergarden a Human or a Cyborg?

Violet Evergarden Hair

Violet Evergarden shouldn’t be a cyborg, android or robotic; she is a (principally) flesh and blood human being. Her awkwardness round regular folks and their feelings stems from the truth that she was raised from childhood to be primed for warfare. This standing as a soldier stunted her improvement in regard to regular society, making her actions appear extremely robotic to the common Joe. Likewise, a grievous harm in battle led to her dropping her arms, which is why she has synthetic prosthetic replacements. These mechanical appendages and her battle prowess additionally clarify why she’s so sturdy in a combat, attaining feats that untrained civilians can be unable to.

Though her robotic arms may theoretically make her a cyborg, this nonetheless would not be an correct description of Violet, since that is the one a part of her that is non-organic. However, her unbelievable bodily energy appears to stem from one thing past simply her arms and coaching, suggesting that there is one thing virtually superhuman about her. After all, Violet being primed extra for battle than human emotion makes her job tough, and all of it stems from the saddening occasions of her previous. Those that wish to see Violet cope along with her trauma and be taught to really be human ought to positively try the anime collection on Netflix.


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