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Jujutsu Kaisen: Hakari's Incredible Luck Is Kashimo's Biggest Obstacle in Their Fight


The next article comprises spoilers for Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 189, “Tokyo No. 2 Colony, Part 8” by Gege Akutami, John Werry, and Snir Aharon, out there in English from Viz Media.

Simply when it appeared like Kashimo had turned the tables and the combat was nearly as good as over, Hakari someway managed to outlive. Within the earlier chapter, Kashimo used his electrical energy to take a piece out of Hakari’s decrease torso. It was paying homage to the way in which he destroyed Panda’s total physique. It occurred as quickly as Hakari’s spherical of immortality ended, so it makes excellent sense that Kashimo believed that was the top of the combat. That stated, a sorcerer who Satoru Gojo claims has the potential to surpass him will not go down that straightforward.

The combat actually would have ended there if Kashimo was combating anybody else. Nonetheless, Hakari was capable of forged his Area Growth once more in a final ditch effort. Kashimo is stunned by this, however is not anxious as a result of he assumes the probabilities of Hakari hitting one other jackpot are slim to none. He’s confirmed incorrect as Hakari hits the jackpot for a fourth consecutive time — together with when he hit it combating Charles beforehand. It turns into even clearer at this second why Yuta believes Hakari is stronger than him when he will get fired up.

Hakari’s computerized Reversed Cursed Approach heals him utterly, erasing any signal that he was on the cusp of loss of life. When he removes his Area Growth’s barrier, he and Kashimo are all of the sudden above the ocean. Hakari shifted his barrier coordinates to move them there. That is the primary time readers are seeing a personality transfer their Area, however apparently it is nothing out of the atypical, since Kashimo instantly is aware of what Hakari did.

Hakari’s intention is to drop Kashimo into the ocean, as he suspects that his Cursed Vitality leak out into the water, leaving him defenseless. Hakari’s suspicion seems to be true. Since Kashimo’s Cursed Vitality is like electrical energy, as soon as it begins discharging in water, it will not cease till it is expended. Luckily for him, Hakari has no concept that there are big Cursed Spirits on this sea, since they’re nonetheless within the Tokyo No. 2 Colony barrier. Kashimo lands on considered one of these Cursed Spirits as they swim alongside the ocean’s floor and manages to remain afloat till Hakari ultimately kicks him off.

Kashimo’s Cursed Vitality does in truth begin flowing out into the water, and he begins panicking a bit. Nonetheless, he has one other ace up his sleeve as he makes use of the ocean, and the chlorine in it, to his benefit. Chlorine is the primary lethal poison humankind developed to be used as a chemical weapon. Kashimo makes use of electrolysis on the seawater to generate chlorine fuel, which in flip reaches Hakari who’s floating straight above the water. Hakari is knocked unconscious by the fuel, and he falls into the water.

The usage of toxins is the following finest technique to kill a Reverse Cursed Approach consumer, if destroying their mind in a single blow proves to be too troublesome. It’s because addressing a toxin all through the physique will not be so simple as mere physique regeneration, because it requires finding and eradicating the substance. This occurs as Hakari’s ongoing spherical of immortality is about to finish. Thus, Kashimo as soon as once more prematurely assumes the combat is over as a result of he thinks Hakari cannot detoxify quick sufficient. His assumption is confirmed incorrect as Hakari all of the sudden regains consciousness underwater.

Kashimo had not realized that Hakari’s Reversed Cursed Approach was totally computerized. It appears he believed that Hakari was consciously therapeutic himself, although readers know that he is really unable to make use of Reverse Cursed Approach with out the jackpot bonus. Hakari assaults Kashimo whereas the 2 are underwater and the combating continues. The chapter ends with Kashimo seemingly releasing electrical energy within the water, inflicting an explosion of fuel. Hakari is visibly shocked, however together with his luck it is secure to imagine he’ll in all probability be positive.


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