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Jujutsu Kaisen: How Itadori Could Avoid a Second Deadly Sentence


WARNING: This text comprises spoilers for Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 165, “Tokyo No. 1 Colony, Part 5,” by Gege Akutami, John Werry and Snir Aharon, out there in English from Viz Media.

Yuji Itadori is dealing with in all probability his most harmful foe but, Hiromi Higuruma. After being stripped of his cursed power, Yuji discovered himself close to helpless within the face of Hiromi’s relentless assaults. Determined for a technique that may permit him to keep away from preventing Hiromi one on one, he demanded a retrial and each combatants had been transported again into Lethal Sentencing. This time round, Yuji was discovered responsible on the cost of committing mass homicide in Shibuya and sentenced to dying — however is his destiny really set in stone?

Despite the fact that Yuji pled responsible to the cost, the reality stays that he wasn’t the one who dedicated these murders. After being force-fed a number of of Ryomen Sukuna’s fingers in fast succession, he briefly misplaced management of his physique to the King of Curses. Sadly, Yuji nonetheless misguidedly believes this was his fault.

Itadori Yuji confesses to mass murder during the Shibuya incident while Hiromi Higuruma looks on in shock

By the way, Yuji’s innocence may be what permits him to keep away from the dying sentence. Regardless of Hiromi’s obvious apathy over the previous few chapters, he was launched as an individual who all the time desires the rule of regulation to prevail. He is additionally intrigued by Yuji, as he remarked that nobody else had been in a position to stand earlier than him for so long as Yuji had, particularly with none cursed power. When Yuji readily confessed to the mass homicide, Hiromi was even considerably shocked, which means it is virtually sure that he’ll ask for extra context concerning the Shibuya incident. Indicting Yuji for a criminal offense he did not actually commit would go towards every part Hiromi purports to imagine.

In fact, that is assuming Hiromi is not strictly sure to the phrases of his cursed method, through which case he’d must execute Judgeman’s sentence. Yuji with the ability to unilaterally summon Hiromi’s Area Growth implies that the ex-lawyer may not give you the chance to withstand the phrases set by Judgeman. A sorcerer summoning one other’s Area is extraordinary and, if Hiromi is really beholden to his cursed method, their combat might grow to be much more harmful.

Whereas Hiromi was beforehand making an attempt to kill Yuji as a result of he bothered him, being pressured to hold out Judgeman’s sentence (as a part of the settlement that grants him his cursed method) would require him to get much more severe about their battle. If Chapter 166 performs out like this, it could ship our hero again to sq. one and his worst-case state of affairs: A one-on-one battle to the dying with a very bloodthirsty Hiromi Higuruma.

Hiromi Higuruma weilding his hammer while vying to crush Itadori with his full strength

In fact, there’s all the time the likelihood that Sukuna may as soon as once more make an look. All through the sequence, Yuji’s parasitic twin of types has saved his playing cards near the chest. However one factor we all know for certain is that he has an unfinished agenda. His and Yuji’s lives are intertwined, so he actually would not stand for his host to die prematurely. It is unlikely Yuji will permit Sukuna to take full management of his physique once more so, if he does intervene, it will in all probability be to supply a intelligent answer on how one can take care of Hiromi and Judgeman. In fact, there’s additionally the ever-looming chance that Sukuna may resolve to benefit from the Binding Vow that permits him to swap locations with Yuji for a minute as soon as he says a key phrase.

Yuji is at present in an extremely robust spot, however it’s virtually a on condition that he’ll make it out alive. There’s nonetheless loads of story Jujutsu Kaisen has left to inform and despite the fact that Gege Akutami tends to be set off blissful in direction of with characters, Yuji ought to be protected for now.


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