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Kakegurui: What Yumeko Jabami’s MBTI Says About the Wild Heroine


Kakegurui is a well-liked shonen anime sequence starring the wild heroine Yumeko Jabami, who subverts a wide range of commonplace protagonist traits. Yumeko would not intention to grow to be a queen or show herself to the world. As an alternative, she is a hedonist who lives just for the fun of playing.

A sensible and artful highschool scholar, Yumeko cannot stand the considered conspiracy or dishonest. To her, a high-stakes however truthful contest is the one true type of playing, and she is going to settle for any problem and take any threat — so long as every social gathering has a good probability to win or lose. Yumeko cares nothing for guidelines or custom, solely her personal pleasure, and that displays in her MBTI persona sort.

Yumeko Jabami’s MBTI Character Kind: ESFP-A, The Entertainer

Yumeko’s MBTI persona code is ESFP-A, making her an assertive model of the Entertainer — essentially the most full of life and eccentric of the 4 “explorer” persona sorts. Paradoxically, whereas they’re extremely sociable and outline their lives with spur-of-the-moment pursuits, Yumeko can be famous for being an insightful strategist who can simply look far forward and put together a countermeasure for her opponents’ plans. She has repeatedly foiled a rival gambler’s dishonest and schemes, being each a cautious planner and “make it up as you go” kind of character. This mix makes her an unpredictable and efficient gambler at Hyakkou Non-public Academy.

She could have parts of the INTJ “Architect” persona sort as effectively, being a crafty strategist who thinks issues by way of. Even so, Yumeko is primarily an Entertainer who’s happiest by dwelling freely, making up her personal guidelines and pursuing her personal thought of enjoyable. Entertainers are extraverted and proactive individuals, and whereas Yumeko will not be a complete social gathering animal, she does make buddies simply, and is not afraid to satisfy new individuals and see what makes them tick. That method, she will both make use of an ally — such because the meek Ryota Suzui or her greatest frenemy Mary Saotome — or just put together methods to take that individual down later.

Entertainers are identified for his or her daring and adventurous nature, all the time in search of new experiences and thrills on the planet round them, and Kakegurui‘s Yumeko loves attempting her hand at all kinds of video games, by no means fearing any problem. They additionally are usually experimental and non-traditionalist individuals, making them versatile and eccentric of their on a regular basis life. An Entertainer is unlikely to lecture anybody about guidelines or custom, and certain sufficient, Yumeko quickly gained a repute for being like a bull in a china store the place Hyakkou’s inflexible social hierarchies and guidelines are involved. Nobody can tame her.

Yumeko Jabami As An Entertainer In Kakegurui

Yumeko has been a mannequin Entertainer since her debut in Kakegurui, when she accepted Mary Saotome’s well mannered however crafty invitation to play a rock-paper-scissors variant. This doesn’t suggest she’s merely a carefree ESFP, nonetheless — she is the assertive sort, that means she by no means doubts herself and fears nothing. Being assertive is important in a cutthroat college like Hyakkou, and relating to confidence and having nerves of metal, nobody can beat Yumeko.

Irrespective of the chances or stakes in a playing match, Yumeko by no means fears a possible loss, as a substitute discovering it thrilling to be on the razor’s edge between a sudden windfall or crushing debt. That was the case when she gambled on stage with the rich scholar council member Kaede Manyuda. Everybody was on the sting of their seat because the stakes rose to over 10 billion yen, an astonishing pot even by Hyakkou requirements, but Yumeko by no means flinched. In the long run, it was Kaede who blinked first and misplaced all of it.

What makes Yumeko so completely different is that she by no means has a specific objective or plan in thoughts, being an unusually aimless protagonist who reacts to all the things round her slightly than forming her personal plans and ambitions. This units her aside from her scheming rival, Mary Saotome, and the scholar council president, Kirari Momobami, who’ve very clear objectives in thoughts and tirelessly work towards them. Yumeko is paradoxically assertive and passive on the identical time in Kakegurui, idly wandering Hyakkou till somebody challenges her to a bet, after which her assertive, crafty aspect emerges.

Yumeko’s Entertainer persona is thus cut up in half, along with her individuals abilities, carefree nature and observant aspect all being current exterior of a bet. Throughout a conflict, nonetheless, Yumeko will probably be each whimsical and purposeful, planning forward to foil an opponent’s ploy whereas additionally permitting random probability to determine her destiny, within the true spirit of high-stakes playing. She by no means needs to know what’s going to occur subsequent.


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