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Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 4 Explores Komi’s Most Toxic Relationships


WARNING: The next accommodates spoilers for Episode 4 of Komi Cannot Talk, “It’s Just a Physical,” now streaming on Netflix.

For the primary three episodes, Komi Can’t Talk has been specializing in Komi overcoming her social anxiousness and particularly her communication obstacles. Her journey thus far has been about connecting along with her classmates and constructing friendships as a step ahead. As of Episode 3, Komi has made three associates: Hitohito Tadano, Najimi Osana and Himiko Agari. Episode 4, nonetheless, throws a wrench within the works with the introductions of Makeru Yadano and Ren Yamai.

Each Ren and Makeru are poisonous individuals in very alternative ways. Makeru is extraordinarily aggressive and hates dropping to anybody in any facet of life. It does not matter to her what that one thing is — the proper physique, good eyesight, an ideal rating in a sport — the one factor that issues to Makeru is that she beats everybody else in each class.

This drive to win is what put Makeru at odds with Komi: she’s the preferred lady in school because of her beauty and was even made the “god” of her class by each the instructor and college students. As such, Komi is Makeru’s largest risk to being #1, which is why she obsesses over besting her at a compulsory college bodily examination.

The opposite new character, Ren Yamai, is a complete different class of poisonous. Early on in Episode 4, she develops a crush on Komi, but it surely’s removed from a wholesome schoolgirl crush. The extra time the episode spends with Ren, the extra it turns into frighteningly clear her crush is definitely an unhealthy — and lethal — obsession. Greater than something, Ren’s habits all through the episode factors to her being yandere.

Like most of her classmates, Ren additionally loves Komi for her magnificence. Every time Komi walks by the halls and even simply sits at her desk, she too does her fair proportion of fangirling. The second Ren finds out Komi’s associates with Tadano and Himiko — college students she considers losers — she turns into frighteningly upset and decides to do one thing about it. The plan she goes with entails “eliminating” her competitors in order that she will have Komi to herself.

The primary particular person Ren targets is Tadano, who she abducts on her strategy to college and imprisons in her bed room. Whereas certain and gagged to her chair, Tadano is horrified at the total extent of Ren’s obsession as he sees the partitions of her room plastered with footage of Komi. It does not take lengthy for him to appreciate that Ren’s intentions aren’t good.

At Itan Non-public Excessive College, Najimi and Komi be aware Tadano’s absence once they notice that he hasn’t proven as much as class previous to lunch. They instantly turn out to be suspicious of his whereabouts once they begin noticing Ren sitting at Tadano’s desk to be subsequent to Komi. Since Najimi is aware of nearly everybody in school, it is implied they’re conscious of Ren’s historical past and particularly her yandere habits.

To verify their suspicions that Ren is someway concerned in Tadano’s absence, Najimi asks to drop by her home and invitations Komi alongside. Completely conscious of Ren’s obsession, Najimi is aware of she will not refuse a go to from Komi. This is able to give Najimi the simple entry to Ren’s bed room they would not in any other case get. As soon as Komi and Najimi arrive, they get greater than they’d discount for.

Ren, not eager to wreck her possibilities with Komi, she goes to her bed room forward of her guests to cover Tadano in her closet, threatening to kill him if he a lot as makes a sound. However she additionally threatens to kill him even when he does not. When Komi and Najimi make it to Ren’s bed room, Najimi takes benefit of Ren making tea to examine her closet, the place their suspicions are instantly confirmed.

When Ren returns to her room and sees her secret was found, she breaks and threatens to hurt each Najimi and Tadano so she will lastly take pleasure in an actual friendship with Komi. Komi, nonetheless, merely writes in her pocket book that she chooses her personal associates, making it clear to Ren that she will’t name the pictures on her relationships. This shatters Ren, but it surely will not be the final Komi sees of her.

Komi’s expertise with Ren, sadly, leads her to consider that she’s a hazard to her associates and will reduce ties with them for his or her security. Tadano, echoing Komi’s earlier confrontation with Ren, disagrees. He’s associates with Komi of his personal volition. When Ren returns to apologize for her habits, Komi agrees to be associates along with her if she stops threatening the buddies she already has.


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