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Komi Can’t Communicate Reveals the Frightening Extent of Ren Yamai’s Obsession with Komi


WARNING: The next incorporates spoilers for Episode 7 of Komi Cannot Talk, “It’s Just the Pool,” now streaming on Netflix.

Over the course of Komi Cannot Talk, Shoko Komi met quite a lot of individuals, a few of whom now make up her group of buddies. Although her closest buddies are Hitohito Tadano, Najimi Osana and Himiko Agari, she additionally has loads of admirers at her college, however not all of them admire her in a wholesome manner — particularly one Ren Yamai, as this week’s Episode 7 makes abundantly clear.

Initially launched in Episode 4 of Komi Can’t Talk, Ren fulfills the yandere position within the collection, which is a personality archetype characterised by a bent to like one other individual in an obsessive method, typically to the purpose of inflicting hurt. In her first look, Ren did the whole lot from kidnap Tadano and maintain him prisoner in her bed room to threatening violence towards Komi’s different buddies as a manner of isolating her. This pressured Komi to determine a transparent and agency boundary along with her and determine the phrases of their future affiliation, which Ren surprisingly accepted.

Whereas Ren has since moved previous desirous to hurt the opposite individuals in Komi’s life as a manner of getting her full and undivided consideration, her creepy conduct has sadly not subsided. This grew to become clear in Episode 6 when she adopted Komi, Tadano, Najimi and Himiko to a clothes retailer, regardless of not having been initially invited, and handled her stalking conduct as a “serendipitous encounter” at a shopping center. Ren’s stalker conduct continues in Episode 7 the place it’s revealed she’s been stalking Komi close to her residence, taking her obsession with Komi to an entire new stage.

Following up on Najimi’s pool invite from Episode 6, Komi, Tadano and Himiko meet with the previous at a water park solely to finish up encountering Ren Yamai and her group of buddies. As soon as once more, Ren treats it like a “probability encounter,” however Najimi would not purchase it and believes she adopted them to the water park. It doesn’t take lengthy for Ren to show Najimi proper when she begins behaving creepily round Komi and buddies.

The primary creepy factor Ren does on the water park is try to sneak a peek at Komi’s bare physique within the ladies’s altering room. The second she sees Komi introduced her college swimsuit, she is instantly disillusioned and forces her to purchase a bikini, which Komi latter shouldn’t be essentially comfy sporting. Throughout the remainder of their time within the water park, Ren finds new methods to behave on her sexual emotions in direction of Komi, none of which contain looking for the latter’s consent.

On the water slide the place it is two individuals to a floater, Ren competes along with her personal group of buddies for the chance to share a floater with Komi so she will benefit from the shut proximity to Komi’s physique. When Komi goes for a swim along with her personal buddies, Ren and her group observe after them underwater to allow them to all get a pleasant view of the previous’s butt. When Komi slips and falls on the pavement whereas chasing after Najimi, Ren and her group of buddies go to scrape the pavement the place Komi skinned her knee, hoping to gather a memento from her physique.

Whereas Ren has ceased to behave violently in direction of Komi’s buddies, she continues to be not respectful of her private boundaries. She continues to take part in additional delicate however dangerous behaviors, which naturally causes Komi to maintain Ren at arm’s size regardless of not having any unwell emotions in direction of her.


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