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Last Airbender Theory: Azula’s Blue Fire Proves She’s Irredeemable


Out of all 4 parts in Avatar: The Final Airbender, hearth is the one most carefully tied to feelings. If a hearth bender isn’t in tune with their feelings, they can’t successfully bend. An instance of that is when Zuko was unable to be taught lightning technology attributable to his emotional turmoil. This does not happen with the opposite parts. Firebending is a mirrored image of the character and feelings of the bender. That is very true with Princess Azula.

Azula is a singular form of firebender on the earth of Avatar. The flames that she produces are blue as an alternative of the standard yellow or orange. Many followers assumed that this merely meant Azula’s hearth was stronger than regular, as blue hearth is hotter than yellow or orange hearth. Nonetheless, this concept does not fairly tract. No different firebender has ever used blue flames. The Avatar, the strongest bender on the earth, could not use blue flames even when amplified by Sozin’s Comet. So if the blue hearth does not signify higher energy and it is not genetic — as nobody in her household can replicate her flames — why can Azula particularly create blue hearth?

Azula’s Hearth is Fueled by Cruelty

Iroh And Azula Watch Ozai Burn Zuko

Azula was probably the most compelling antagonists in Avatar. Her character and the way in which she interacted with others had been at all times attention-grabbing. The connection between her and Zuko additionally helped to focus on the variations between them. Nonetheless, these attributes additionally made her uniquely evil when in comparison with different villains. Different villains had been pushed by a lust for energy, prosperity for his or her nation or revenge for a improper dedicated towards them. That is not what drove Azula.

The princess of the Hearth Nation loved hurting others. The distress and struggling of others happy her even when it did not instantly profit her. Azula typically gleefully bullied Zuko for her personal amusement after they had been kids. She even taunted Zuko when she came upon that their grandfather had sentenced him to loss of life and sadistically smiled when Zuko was burned by their father. Even the power-hungry Ozai by no means displayed a degree of sadism equal to Azula.

It is doable that Azula’s cruelty and hatred precipitated her flames to show blue. She funneled all her unfavourable feelings into her firebending, inflicting it to vary colours. It has been proven that Azula’s firebending wasn’t at all times blue. When she was a toddler, her flames had been the identical colour as each different firebender. The truth that Azula is the one recognized firebender with blue flames exhibits simply how merciless she really is.

What Do the Completely different Hearth Colours Imply?

The collection repeatedly exhibits {that a} hearth bender’s feelings decide the power of their hearth. When Zuko was first instructing Aang the best way to firebend, each of them had issue. Aang was too afraid of dropping management and Zuko now not had sufficient hate to supply sturdy flames. Aang and Zuko needed to be taught a brand new technique of firebending from the dragons, the unique firebenders.

It was initially assumed that hate and aggression had been wanted to firebend, however the dragons proved in any other case. The dragons produced rainbow-colored flames and confirmed Zuko and Aang the life-giving qualities of fireplace. Firebending will be fueled by any emotion or drive, together with the need for peace. It is doable that if the drive or emotion is powerful sufficient, it will probably change the colour of the fireplace, just like the rainbow colour produced by the dragons.

If this idea is true, it might clarify how Azula’s hearth modified to blue. As a result of cruelty and hate had been her essential objective and drive, it corrupted her hearth. As Azula grew older and have become extra evil, her hearth become the long-lasting blue colour that she’s recognized for now. This variation highlights the variations between her and her brother. Even when Zuko was at his darkest second and crammed with nothing however hate, his hearth by no means modified colours. This exhibits that he was nonetheless capable of be redeemed.

Can Azula Ever Be Redeemed?

Azula wants to confront her mother in Avatar: The Last Airbender

Now that Azula’s hearth is blue, she could also be too far gone. In contrast to Zuko, she hasn’t proven any quantity of remorse for her actions or empathy towards others’ struggling. At the same time as a toddler determined for his father’s love, Zuko was nonetheless prepared to defy Ozai when he deliberate to sacrifice troopers. Zuko by no means loved inflicting ache to others, however for Azula, that is her essential supply of enjoyment. It could be unattainable to free Azula from her darker self.

Alternatively, if Azula selected to rethink her life and humbled herself, she is likely to be saved. She may undergo an arc the place she decides to relearn firebending like Zuko and Aang. This might act as a type of remedy for her. Via this, she would discover ways to open up her thoughts and discover a new gasoline for her firebending that is not cruelty. Azula is a personality with a whole lot of potential. Whether or not she falls deeper into evil or finds a solution to redeem herself is all her alternative.


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