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Legend of Korra: Why Toph Becoming a Cop Makes Plenty of Sense


One of many largest points followers have with The Legend of Korra is the lasting legacies of the characters from Avatar: The Final Airbender. Sure members of the Gaang’s lives took sudden, even controversial instructions, and chief amongst them is┬áRepublic Metropolis’s Chief of Police, Toph Beifong. Toph’s transformation from a woman who hates guidelines to a girl who enforces them felt jarring, leaving sure followers feeling as if the character’s legacy was tarnished. Nonetheless, Toph’s stunning character improvement makes extra sense than it will get credit score for.

Understandably, Toph has a little bit of a difficulty with being instructed what to do when she joined Staff Avatar. Previous to her introduction to Airbender, she’d lived her complete life along with her overbearingly strict mother and father who allowed her little to no freedom. Naturally, Toph’s notion of “rules” is subsequently that they’re a method by which to limit an individual’s freedom. This crucial however comprehensible misinterpretation of the purpose of guidelines is what has her operating scams on folks or destroying homes that do not belong to her — she believes that to be free is to do no matter she needs, every time she needs, and that penalties are unjust.

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Nonetheless, Toph’s stance on the notion of residing by guidelines has clearly modified between the ending of Airbender and her legacy in Korra. This modification was almost certainly led to by her time on the entrance strains within the ultimate showdown in opposition to Ozai. Even blind, Toph might grasp the sheer destruction of Ozai’s plan to burn the Earth Kingdom, her dwelling, to ashes. Ozai’s rise to energy and devastation of the Earth Kingdom is proof of what occurs when the incorrect individual lives the best way Toph lives, doing no matter they need with no regard for penalties.

By turning into Chief of Police in Republic Metropolis, Toph appears to grasp that whereas guidelines that limit freedom are incorrect, guidelines that hold folks protected and maintain folks accountable for his or her actions are price preventing for. Toph doubtless would not even see being a police officer as implementing guidelines, however reasonably as a approach to hold folks protected and forestall the start of one other Ozai. Her progress from insurgent to cop in Korra is not a betrayal of her character from Airbender, however proof that she has grown, not simply bodily, however as an individual. Whereas it is a stark distinction from her wrestling days, Toph is her finest self as a police officer.

Toph and Aang in The Legend of Korra

A fighter to the core, the top of the 100 Yr Conflict doubtless left Toph trying to find one thing new to battle for. Within the early days of Republic Metropolis, there was absolutely no lack of criminals making an attempt to sabotage Aang’s legacy by inflicting hassle within the metropolis, giving Toph an excuse to whale on somebody as soon as once more. It looks as if a pure development from there that Toph would change into a police officer for this burgeoning metropolis.┬áIt most likely additionally helps that, as a police officer, Toph will get to boss folks round, which she has at all times been a giant fan of doing.

As evidenced by Zuko’s betrayal of Katara and Aang in Ba Sing Se, a narrative is at all times extra fascinating when a personality makes an sudden selection. Toph’s transformation from a insurgent runaway to the esteemed Chief of Police is definitely not the place many followers would have guessed her character arc post-Airbender would take her. As the primary metalbender, Toph would have been the right selection for restraining criminals anyway, no matter their bending talents. Whereas The Legend of Korra might not be good, it stays true to the characters of the unique collection whereas nonetheless managing to shock followers. Whether or not followers typically favored the surprises or not is a unique story.


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