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Magia Record’s Dream Sequence Is Eerily Similar to Rebellion


WARNING: The next accommodates spoilers for Magia File Season 2 Episode 3, “There Were Too Many to Carry,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica first took the anime world by storm with its darkish deconstruction of the magical lady style. Followers had been left reeling after Insurrection‘s cliffhanger ending (actually) in 2013, and the 2020 Magia File sought to fill the opening left by seven years of silence. The newly minted anime was an adaption of a well-liked cellular sport. and whereas it did not rise to the heights of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, followers had been tantalized with glimpses of the unique Holy Quintet.

Season 2 of Magia File quietly broke again onto the scene in August of 2021, however its return was overshadowed by a teaser idea from the fourth Madoka Magica film. The continuation of Magia File ups the mysteries from the primary season and extra surprisingly, attracts a symbolic parallel to Insurrection’s themes. It could be a coincidence that Magia File leans into Insurrection so near the fourth film teaser, however the similarities are nonetheless putting.

The similarities begin on the finish of Episode 2 and proceed all through Episode 3. Directed by Nemu Hiiragi, Yachiyo and Kuroe seek for Iroha within the Rumor of the Countless Sakura Tree, the place they enter an Uwasa barrier. Issues take a surreal flip when the 2 Magical Ladies discover themselves trapped in Iroha’s completely happy desires. Nevertheless, these idyllic desires are a skinny cowl for the sinister, too-colorful landscapes that writhe with malicious intent. Yachiyo later discovers that Iroha’s Doppel has trapped them in a Witch-like Labyrinth of desires, and when Kuroe and Yachiyo confront Iroha, they need to battle their pal’s Doppel to free her.

Magia File subtly leans into Insurrection by bringing Madoka and Homura again into the early episodes. These two Magical Ladies have formed the karmic destiny of the franchise’s universe. These cameos inform us that on this timeline/universe, Homura remains to be attempting to avoid wasting Madoka from her destiny as a magical lady. Magia File subconsciously reminds the viewers of their cyclic wrestle for salvation in Insurrection.

Each Iroha and Homura expertise idyllic desires tailor-made to their deepest needs. Yachiyo and Kuroe are unsettled once they enter the barrier and discover themselves dwelling in Mikazuki Villa with the opposite Magical Ladies in home bliss. The Mikazuki crew work collectively for Grief Seeds, gentle stunning fireworks, hardly ever argue and co-exist, with their real-life flaws smoothed away. That is nearly beat for beat with Insurrection‘s introduction, the place the Holy Quintet fights innocent Nightmares and coexist fortunately with none of the problems that led to their deaths in earlier timelines. This storytelling mechanic is used to point out Iroha and Homura’s pure intentions of constructing everybody completely happy, but drives residence the dichotomy of their bleak actuality.

Episode 3 brings again the loopy visuals and haunting music of Insurrection in one of the best ways. Insurrection used textile patterns, stop-motion animation and 3D objects to create its uneasy ambiance, and Magia File follows go well with with a few of the most unusual visuals to date. From an Alice in Wonderland-like area of shiny flowers to stop-motion pink string, the present pulls out all of the creative stops to place the viewer on edge. Each anime use their distinctive types as a darkish accent to the saccharine desires to foreshadow the story’s twist. Magia File‘s sound manufacturing is simply as glorious, referencing Insurrection‘s discordant chimes that trace at a corruption of innocence together with sound cues for Witch Labyrinths.

For many who watched Insurrection, Magia File‘s episode twist ending will not be a shock. Yachiyo roots out the reality in a trend much like Homura the place each use a key character to unlock the thriller. For Iroha, it is Ui Tamaki and for Homura, it is Madoka Kaname. Their love for a lacking character helps break the phantasm, and the world goes via a disturbing corruption as the reality looms nearer. In the long run, we study that every respective magical lady has created a Labyrinth that shields them from actuality with candy desires. Each Homura and Iroha’s darkest selves, their Witch/Doppel, battle to remain of their illusory world, and their buddies are pressured to battle them to carry them again to actuality. This recurring deconstruction all through Madoka Magica is in regards to the perils of not dealing with one’s feelings and the hurt of burying negativity behind a masks.

Magia File and Insurrection inform totally different tales, however each of them shine a bleak gentle on the state of Magical Ladies. Many of those characters are manipulated into changing into Magical Ladies, and the 2 anime present the viewers their corrupted innocence. Each Iroha and Homura, and lots of others, merely want to stay fulfilling lives by bringing happiness to others. Nevertheless, as Magical Ladies, they develop into hardened veterans who study maladaptive coping mechanisms that result in tragic demises.


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