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Magical Girl Rion-chan: The Lost Hello Kitty Anime


The Japanese firm Sanrio is greatest recognized for its wildly standard Whats up Kitty character, and the globally well-known cat has starred in lots of animations from world wide, together with a number of anime. Sanrio has additionally made a number of anime that embody parts of the magical woman style, together with Onegai My MelodyJewelpet, Present by Rock!! and Mewkledreamy. It may appear unusual that Sanrio has by no means marketed a magical woman model of Whats up Kitty, however the reality is that they’ve — it is simply grow to be nearly fully misplaced.

Sooner or later within the mid-2000s, Sanrio created Magical Woman Rion-chan, a multimedia collaboration between Japan and China. The franchise revolved round three women, Rion, Kanna and Minamo, who’re in a band and achieve the power from a magical Whats up Kitty plush to rework. Rion’s magical woman design is predicated on Whats up Kitty, Kanna’s is predicated on the penguin character Badtz-Maru and Minamo’s is predicated on the canine Cinnamoroll. Pictures have additionally been discovered that embody a fourth magical woman based mostly on Whats up Kitty’s sister Mimmy, in addition to characters who look like villains. From these photographs, it may be assumed that the magical women of Rion-chan fought the forces of evil along with being magical idols.

Rion-chan was meant to be each an anime and a manga, however solely the manga, which was revealed in China in 2010, has been conclusively confirmed to exist, with a number of images and journal covers out there on-line. Storage package figures have been additionally produced for every of the three most important women and proven at Surprise Competition, an annual determine exhibition in Tokyo. These figures do not seem to have ever been on the market, however regardless of their rarity, a number of images exist of every one, seemingly all from the exhibition.

What turned of the promised Rion-chan anime is a thriller. There are not any episodes out there on-line, and solely two clips have surfaced on YouTube. These clips supposedly depict the beginning of the anime’s opening and the transformations of the three most important characters, however the high quality of the CG animation is considerably crude, and the clips do not look like television-ready. In actual fact, artist Rei Azusa, who labored on the Rion-chan franchise, has claimed on Twitter that these clips are solely samples and {that a} full anime was by no means made. For the reason that collection was backed by an organization as massive as Sanrio and already had a manga launched and official merchandise made, it appears odd that the anime was by no means accomplished.

No matter components prompted the Rion-chan anime to be deserted are unknown — maybe the manga wasn’t standard sufficient, or possibly an investor pulled out of the challenge. It is also that Rion-chan was merely forward of its time — these days, the magical woman style has been experiencing a resurgence, with a number of basic titles being revived and Sanrio’s personal Mewkledreamy receiving a second year-long season. Sanrio would even revisit the idea of a crime-fighting musician-turned-catgirl in 2015’s Present by Rock!!. Maybe Magical Woman Rion-chan would have been extra profitable if it had been pitched just a bit later. Nonetheless, it is unlikely the challenge will ever be revived, so many of the particulars of Rion-chan will stay a thriller for the foreseeable future.


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