Home Gaming Metroid Dread’s Tension Is Relentless | Hands-On Preview

Metroid Dread’s Tension Is Relentless | Hands-On Preview


Metroid Dread does not waste any time in introducing what precisely there’s to dread within the long-awaited sequel. Lots of the recreation’s trailers up to now have featured the long-limbed, quadripedal robots often called EMMIs, who appear to be close to impossible-to-kill sentries that collection protagonist Samus Aran should merely keep away from. EMMIs–or no less than one model of them–are there proper from the beginning of your journey, and through my current hands-on playthrough of the sport’s opening sector, EMMIs proved to be an efficient, compelling method of instilling a wholesome quantity of panic to the collection’ tried-and-true core of motion and exploration.


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