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Mieruko-chan Episode 8 Brings Back the Anime’s Most Suspicious Character


WARNING: The next comprises spoilers for Episode 8 of Mieruko-chan, “The Things She Sees,” now streaming on Funimation.

Poor Miko appears to undergo supernatural ordeal after ordeal with every passing episode of Mieruko-chan. Although one may assume she’d get used to it after a while, there sadly doesn’t look to be any adjusting to the informal horrors she is subjected to each day.

Episode 8 actually places Miko by way of the wringer, as her numerous outings are as soon as once more hindered by the persistent undead. At this level, she has seen spirits nearly all over the place she’s been all through her every day routine. Miko’s practice trip house is disturbed by an aggressive ax-wielding ghost, and he or she notices the spirit of a deceased youngster haunting her trainer whereas serving to out after class — however that’s not the worst factor she encounters whereas at college.

Miko as soon as once more runs into the person haunted by cat spirits, discovering he’s the substitute trainer for her class. Although he appears completely regular and sociable on the surface, there’s extra to Zen than his exterior persona suggests. Miko suspects as a lot because of her powers, although, as with all the pieces else associated to her talents, it seems she would somewhat ignore the problem as an alternative of getting herself concerned.

Up till now, ghosts have served as Mieruko-chan’s main antagonists. Although the vast majority of them merely creep Miko out, a number of the larger, extra highly effective spirits have been proven to be hostile to weaker spirits and the people round them. Zen is the collection’ first human villain, and whereas the present has but to disclose a lot in regards to the character, he hasn’t been painted in the most effective gentle since being launched.

Miko has seen a very good variety of spirits lingering round people all through her undesirable escapades within the paranormal world. Some have had good intentions, like her father or the outdated man spirit, whereas others just like the jealous ghosts haunting the untrue couple appeared extra malicious. However the cats round Zen trace at one thing far more sinister.

Loads of Mieruko-chan’s comedy comes from Miko’s unwillingness to acknowledge the unbelievable horrors staring her within the face. The collection is lighthearted sufficient that there aren’t any actual stakes with every episode, however Zen’s probably elevated involvement within the narrative may drive Miko to grow to be extra lively going ahead. It’ll be fascinating to see how the story makes use of Zen in future episodes, and whether or not he’ll play a bigger function as Mieruko-chan begins to wind down.


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