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Mieruko-chan vs. Aono-kun: Which Series Has the Scariest Ghosts?


WARNING: The next comprises spoilers for I Need to Maintain Aono-Kun So Badly I May Die by Umi Shiina, out there in English from Kodansha, and Mieruko-chan by Tomoki Izumo, out there in English from Yen Press, in addition to dialogue of self-harm, suicide, and animal abuse.

Japanese ghosts are infamous for being among the scariest in horror media. Mieruko-chan and I Need to Maintain Aono-Kun So Badly I May Die are two anime/manga sequence trying to mix horror with different genres, utilizing the ghosts inside the tales to discover themes that Japanese horror normally would not delve into. Regardless of their comedic and romantic features, they do provide some chills and thrills. Let us take a look at each sequence and see which one has the scarier spirits.


Mieruko-chan facilities on excessive schooler Miko Yotsuya, who at some point inexplicably begins seeing ghosts round her metropolis. The designs of those ghosts are grotesque and horrifying. Nonetheless, they’re comparatively innocent for essentially the most half. It is hinted in Chapter 28 of the manga that the way in which an individual views ghosts impacts how they manifest for every individual. If somebody is afraid of ghosts, they’re extra more likely to look terrifying. If an individual views them as one thing akin to “lost souls” they might look extra human. Both this, or it may very well be Miko is so robust she’s capable of see their true kinds. Even the gods of this world seem as horrifying monstrosities.

Whereas not all the ghosts are evil, they’re nonetheless scary to see and may pose a menace even to those that cannot see them. In Japanese legends, it is stated that if a spirit is aware of you possibly can see it, it is extra possible to have the ability to bodily hurt you. That is why Miko tries so exhausting to not allow them to know she will see them. Her greatest good friend Hana is a continuing goal for these spirits, although she would not have the sight. They feed off her life aura, and in consequence she’s continuously hungry. That is introduced up when their substitute instructor has a robust spirit connected to him that begins feeding off of Hana’s power.

Nonetheless, Mieruko-chan does a very good job of additionally emphasizing that people are simply as harmful because the ghosts, if no more so. All through the story, there’s a sub-plot about cats going lacking. It turns on the market’s an individual going round killing them. At first the substitute instructor is suspected, however that seems to be false. As a substitute, it is implied that he kills the cat-killer. There’s additionally the story of his merciless mom, who additionally killed a cat he introduced dwelling as a baby. These tales are arguably extra horrifying than the spirits.

I Need to Maintain Aono-Kun So Badly I May Die

Aono-Kun units up its story as that of a romance between a lady and a ghost. Yuri Kariya begins relationship Ryuhei Aono, her first boyfriend. She’s instantly smitten with him upon their first assembly, and even goes as far as to say she loves him. Nonetheless, solely two weeks after they start their romance, Aono is killed in a visitors accident. Heartbroken, Yuri even goes as far as to say she needs to die and tries to commit suicide. Nonetheless, Aono’s ghost stops her and begins staying by her facet.

Whereas the ghosts that seem in Aono-Kun are extra human of their look, there’s an underlying stress all through the lighthearted moments. Aono seemingly has some kind of alter-ego that has extra malicious intentions for Yuri. The horror additionally comes from how phrases can have an enduring impression, whether or not intentional or not. Yuri, in an try to get nearer with Aono, encourages him to try to possess her. That is what initially triggers Darkish Aono to return out. She unwittingly created a contract with him by inviting him into her physique, even when the intentions had been “pure” for lack of a greater time period. Because the story progresses, Darkish Aono’s possessions start affecting Yuri’s physique negatively and we see different spirits start harming individuals — regardless if they will see them or not.

Does Mieruko-chan or Aono-kun Have Scarier Ghosts?

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So which sequence has the scariest ghosts? Frankly, it depends upon what you outline as “scary.” If it is the outright grotesque and macabre, then Mieruko-chan could also be extra scary. But when psychological and atmospheric horror are extra your jam, then Aono-Kun‘s ghosts could spook you extra.

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