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Miraculous: Marinette Once Confessed Her Love… to the Wrong Cat Noir


By far probably the most compelling ingredient of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir is the love sq. between highschool college students Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste, every hiding their respective superhero personas: Ladybug and Cat Noir. From the collection’ earliest episodes, followers have been hooked into their budding romance, patiently ready for a confession that can enable the present’s major ship to formally turn out to be canon.

Apparently, a confession — 0r two — happens in Season 3, Episode 23 “Félix,” however in a really surprising method. When Marinette lastly works up the braveness to admit her emotions to who she thinks is Adrien, issues go awry, and pressure inside the Agreste household thickens.

Miraculous Ladybug Adrien and Felix

The episode opens on the one-year anniversary of Adrien’s mom, Emilie’s, dying. To ease a number of the grief, Adrien and his father Gabriel are visited by Emilie’s twin sister, Amelie Graham de Vanily, and her son Félix, who bears a putting resemblance to Adrien. In response to Amelie and Adrien, Félix has at all times been mischievous, however the latest passing of his father has made him merciless and crafty — an entire distinction to Adrien’s form and selfless nature. Félix harbors some jealousy in direction of Adrien and is angered by the truth that his cousin didn’t attend his father’s funeral as Gabriel thought it could be too exhausting on Adrien with the injuries from Emilie’s dying nonetheless contemporary.

Sadly, Adrien’s apologies do nothing to maintain Félix at bay and he jumps on the probability to make the most of his cousin’s kindness. As Adrien searches for video games they will play, Félix snoops round his room, stuffing Plagg’s stash of camembert cheese beneath Adrien’s pillow and stealing his cellphone. On his cellphone, he discovers Adrien’s blatant crush on Ladybug and an encouraging video despatched by all of his mates. It’s inside Marinette’s a part of the video that she confesses, even muttering the phrases “I love you.” Sadly, her confession means nothing to Félix, who promptly deletes the video earlier than Adrien can see it.

In response, Félix takes Adrien’s garments and modifications his coiffure to look precisely like Adrien’s doppelganger. Together with his convincing new apparel, Félix sends a heartless message turning down their encouragements, which permits Marinette and Adrien’s classmates, Alya Césaire, Rose Lavillant and Juleka Couffaine, to be Akumatized. When Ladybug arrives to deal with the matter, Félix, nonetheless pretending to be Adrien, confesses and even tries to drive a kiss on her in an try to achieve the higher hand. Ladybug is caught off guard however is fast to acknowledge these aggressive actions as one thing Adrien would by no means do, forcefully rejecting him.

Miraculous Ladybug and Adrien

Along with stirring up hassle in Miraculous, Félix additionally needs to take again Gabriel and Emilie’s matching marriage ceremony rings as they’d initially belonged to the Graham de Vanily household. He tries to cut price with Hawk Moth (secretly his uncle) to get these rings in alternate for Ladybug and Cat Noir’s Miraculous, however the heroic duo captures the Akuma simply because the deal is made.

An enchanting piece of trivia is that Félix was originally meant to be the real Cat Noir in the original “Ladybug PV previous to the collection being made. Nevertheless, he was swapped out for Adrien to create convincing chemistry between the 2 lead characters. The PV showcases the collection in a really cutesy, 2D anime model, serving as an early draft of the CG 3D Miraculous we all know immediately, and it is attention-grabbing to suppose that we nearly bought a competely completely different Cat Noir.

Although Félix’s makes an attempt to stir the pot within the episode did not fairly work out, his vengeance towards Adrien and Gabriel, in addition to the truth that the creators have had concepts for his character for some time, implies that he is prone to return in a later season of Miraculous. Siding neither with Paris’s heroes nor Hawk Moth, Félix is actually a wild card within the Miraculous universe, performing solely in his personal self-interests whereas his familial connection to Adrien solely complicates issues additional for the already messy household.


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