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Misato Katsuragi’s Integral Role in Almost Every Evangelion Characters’ Development


Misato Katsuragi’s function inside Neon Genesis Evangelion goes additional than merely being one other NERV employee. She was integral in Shinji, Asuka, Rei, Ritsuko, and Ryoji’s lives and character improvement.

Throughout the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime sequence, Misato was equal elements Operations Director at NERV, caretaker to Shinji, Asuka and Rei, pal and coworker to Ritsuko, and co-investigator and lover to Ryoji. On a common degree, she was a messy however useful accountable grownup who was unimaginable at her job regardless of her private trauma in addition to the younger pilots’ personal trauma effervescent on a unconscious degree. Here is the influence she had on the lives round her within the authentic sequence.

Misato Helped Shinji Ikari’s Confidence Develop

Inside her first couple of minutes of assembly Shinji in Evangelion, Misato lined him along with her physique to guard him from a landmine explosion. She always anxious about Shinji’s psychological, bodily, and emotional well being and acted as his guardian. This appeared to initially be motivated by her work however grew into real care over time. Misato took it upon herself to deliver Shinji into her dwelling and tried her greatest to offer a degree of normalcy and luxury regardless of the rigorous duties positioned on him throughout work.

Shinji’s Hedgehog Dilemma wouldn’t have been capable of transfer ahead or be processed with out her actions, whereas she additionally tried to construct his self-confidence and believed in him as an Eva pilot. Misato always pushed Shinji to maneuver ahead and never run away — particularly when it got here to his relationship together with his father. It was believed that her bodily presence introduced Shinji again when his consciousness separated from his physique.

Misato Tried to Defend Rei Ayanami From the Worst

Asuka Rei Shinji Misato Neon Genesis Evangelion

As with the remainder of the Eva pilots in Evangelion, Misato’s real care for his or her security and wellbeing translated to Rei as properly. Whereas her relationship with Rei was not as sturdy as with Shinji and Asuka, Misato expressed concern for her and hesitated to place her in hurt’s means, particularly if her physique wasn’t totally recovered. Her frustrations had been the loudest when Rei’s Eva was destroyed, taking an Angel with it.

Misato additionally objected to the a number of Reis making up the Dummy System. As Rei’s bodily physique may very well be seen as expendable, Misato was the one individual of authority who really cared for her security. One might argue Commander Ikari did as properly however in a secondary method, and he appeared upon the third model of Rei all the identical. Misato, nonetheless, considered Rei as an individual and human being.

Misato Gave Asuka Langley the Boundaries She Wanted

Misato believed in Asuka’s skill as an Eva pilot and pushed her potential regardless of Asuka’s tantrums, making some extent to not decide her based mostly on her previous and solely dealing with what Asuka was dealing with within the second. She set boundaries for Asuka within the methods of being a lady and tried to not let her mature in that side too rapidly contemplating her age. 

Misato went as far as to crush Asuka’s romantic fantasies, however with out disrespecting her outright. After Asuka’s thoughts was violated by an Angel, Misato was unable to assist as she was grappling with the lack of Ryoji’s presence in her life.

Misato Gave Ritsuko Akagi Steadiness

Ritsuko shared her private {and professional} emotions about her mom throughout a time of disaster with Misato. If Misato hadn’t been a gentle and secure pal, the true nature of Magi would have by no means been revealed. Whereas Ritsuko did discover Misato to be immature and will simply get underneath her pores and skin, each events had the utmost respect for each other’s work.

Misato’s lighter nature did properly to steadiness Ritsuko’s extra logical and scientific approaches however they always clashed as secrets and techniques and fears turned too large to comprise. Ritsuko discovered it essential to share the reality about Rei and the Evas whereas revealing her personal tragic mindset to Misato and Shinji.

Misato Introduced Out the Softer Aspect of Ryoji Kaji

Ryoji’s love for Misato was all the time ahead and real. He simply acquired underneath her pores and skin and was essentially the most unpredictable a part of her life in Evangelion. They shared their info whereas investigating the reality and regardless of the fixed annoyance of his presence, they rekindled their love after years aside. It’s unclear if the timing was related to his triple agent work or if he was attempting to save lots of her from herself, however she was the final individual he tried to speak with by way of voicemail previous to being killed.

That final message from Ryoji contained his closing needs, displaying his affection by asking her to maintain the crops he’d been rising and promising he’d say the phrases he couldn’t eight years in the past. It additionally additional instilled Misato’s motivation to proceed the investigation.


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