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My Hero Academia: What Ochaco Uraraka’s MBTI Says About the Hero Uravity


My Hero Academia includes a colourful and expansive solid of memorable characters, from the heartfelt protagonist Midoriya Izuku to his fierce rival Bakugo Katsuki and his new greatest good friend, the charming Uraraka Ochaco. In some ways, Ochaco is a shonen protagonist in her personal proper.

Ochaco has humble origins, like Izuku, and he or she has to work onerous for every little thing she has. She has come a great distance since her introduction early within the sequence, and by now, it is simple to evaluate and analyze Ochaco’s persona and habits with the MBTI check. Her outcomes converse for themselves within the story of My Hero Academia.

Uraraka Ochaco’s MBTI Persona Sort: ESFJ-T, The Consul

My Hero Academia: How Ochaco’s Role in the Series Has Grown

Ochaco’s persona clearly pegs her as an ESFJ-T, or a turbulent model of the Consul persona sort. The four-letter code for Consuls stands for Extroverted Sensing Feeling Judging, describing an individual who is very attuned to the feelings, pursuits and outlook of everybody round them. As extroverts, Consuls like Ochaco are people-oriented and draw their vitality from juggling many robust, real friendships and dealing onerous to maintain these relationships wholesome. Consuls like Ochaco can not help however hook up with everybody round them and ensure all the group is completely satisfied. Consuls are selfless that method, and this makes them straightforward to understand and belief.

Consuls aren’t simply social butterflies, although. They’re additionally pretty sensible and tradition-oriented individuals who wish to observe the principles and hold issues in neat order, which makes them a type of management determine. ESFJs aren’t essentially strict disciplinarians or fully rigid, however they like stability and sensible programs of motion over inventing their very own guidelines on the fly. This units them aside from the ESFP, or the Entertainer, since Entertainers wish to whimsically movement from one enjoyable exercise to a different and by no means plan forward. Consuls, in contrast, want some stability and consistency so the group can stay cohesive.

ESFJs are additionally famous for his or her robust sense of obligation and accountability for the sake of others and society as a complete, and they’ll work onerous to verify everyone seems to be safe, completely satisfied and understood. This overlaps with the Protagonist persona sort — an individual who can not help however assist and empower everybody round them. The important thing distinction is that Consuls are humbler than Protagonists and haven’t got the identical larger-than-life charisma and confidence. Protagonists wish to be applauded and seen as a heroic image, whereas Consuls do not. On the draw back, which means Consuls will be considerably susceptible to criticism and act quite needy at occasions, missing the dazzling heroic confidence of Protagonists.

Uraraka Ochaco As A Consul In My Hero Academia

Ochaco Gets Worried In My Hero Academia

Almost every little thing Ochaco says and does is within the service of another person, together with her purpose for changing into a professional hero within the first place. Ochaco did not wish to admit it at first, however her most important purpose is to earn paychecks as a professional hero, and ship that cash again to her type dad and mom and repay them for supporting her regardless of the Uraraka household’s poverty. Solely a accountable, selfless Consul would develop into a hero for that purpose, and Izuku and Tenya Iida have been touched.

Many occasions in My Hero Academia, Ochaco pushes herself to the restrict for others, and he or she drastically enjoys extending a hand to her pals and allies. She was the primary particular person to warmly welcome Izuku to the U.A. faculty and befriend him, and Izuku rapidly returned the favor, thus starting their enduring friendship.

Ochaco is a extremely cooperative and humble teammate throughout actions such because the U.A. sports activities competition and the joint coaching train towards class 1-B, and she’s going to gladly do her half without having any reward or acknowledgment. She additionally rushed to Tsuyu Asui’s support towards the villainous Himiko Toga regardless of the dangers, which led to Himiko buying a pattern of Ochaco’s blood. However a Consul like Ochaco could not simply run away — she’d really feel horrible about leaving Tsuyu on their lonesome.

Ochaco’s susceptible aspect introduced itself after she misplaced to Bakugo Katsuki, and he or she was in tears when she spoke to her father over the cellphone. Consuls like her are greatest outlined by how they assist others, and if Ochaco cannot defeat foes resembling Bakugo, maybe she’d be too weak to succeed as a hero and assist her household. It wasn’t Ochaco’s pleasure that was harm — it was her confidence that took the blow; her confidence that she will be able to patiently accomplish her targets and serve everybody as a caped Consul. Luckily, Ochaco obtained over it and resumed her journey to changing into a real professional earlier than lengthy.


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