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My Next Life as a Villainess: What Katarina Claes’ MBTI Type Says About Her


My Subsequent Life as a Villainess is a well-liked otome isekai anime collection starring a highschool woman who finds herself in her favourite otome recreation, Fortune Lover. Nonetheless, she is reborn not because the heroine Maria Campbell, however because the aristocratic bully Katarina Claes, the despicable villainess — though this new Katarina Claes is an entire completely different animal than Fortune Lover‘s authentic antagonist.

The brand new Katarina Claes embarks on a mission to keep away from her character’s doom flags by stopping Maria Campbell from falling in love, thus stopping Fortune Lover‘s plot from resolving in Maria’s favor towards Katarina. With none doom ending to fret about, Katarina is free to take pleasure in her cheerful life together with her beautiful associates, and her persona will be simply described by way of the MBTI check.

Katarina Claes’ MBTI Persona Sort: ESFP-T, The Entertainer

Catarina looks surprised

On account of her pleasant and playful nature, Katarina Claes is an ESFP-T, a turbulent Entertainer character kind. Entertainers are energetic and sociable individuals who thrive on the eye and assist of others, and so they are likely to make a present of nearly the whole lot. Entertainers aren’t the sort to let their actions converse for them or indicate something. They’re fast to host a celebration, get a bunch of associates collectively for a enjoyable outing, change into concerned within the arts and extra. Entertainers are extraverted, therefore the E of their code, and they’re additionally notably observant, feeling and prospecting to make up the remainder of the ESFP kind.

An entertainer will reside within the second and never fear an excessive amount of in regards to the future or what-ifs, however they will not essentially dwell on the previous both. Entertainers like Katarina Claes benefit from the individuals and the experiences round them, taking advantage of each single day. Whereas they take pleasure in themselves within the carnival of their day by day life, Entertainers are additionally altruistic, pleasant and useful, and fast to empathize with a good friend and supply emotional assist. It is true that Katarina Claes is famously dense, therefore her nickname “Bakarina,” but when she does change into conscious of a good friend’s woes, she’s going to drop the whole lot and rush to assist.

Entertainers are additionally famous for being spontaneous and quick-witted, which may certainly make them extra entertaining to their associates. Except for her total plan to rewrite everybody’s love lives to keep away from her doom flags, Katarina lives her colourful life daily; she’s not the sort to plan forward or scheme like a chess grasp. She would burn out her mind’s circuits making an attempt that.

Katarina Claes As An Entertainer In My Subsequent Life As A Villainess

My Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom

Ever since her isekai journey started, Katarina Claes has been a mannequin Entertainer, or ESFP, and that began together with her childhood because the younger daughter of a noble household. As an alternative of being a egocentric brat, this new Katarina beloved to play together with her foster brother Keith, her fiance Geordo Stuart and the opposite main characters of Fortune Lover.

For her personal amusement, in addition to to keep away from her doom flags, Katarina saved her associates proud of outside adventures and hobbies, and she or he inspired her associates to seek out happiness with their very own abilities and pursuits. For instance, she helped Alan Stuart nurture his expertise with the piano, and Keith gained critical self-confidence and averted his future as a shameless womanizer. Most of all, in her adolescence, Katarina befriended Maria Campbell herself and guarded her happiness in any respect prices.

All through My Subsequent Life as a Villainess, Katarina whimsically cruised her means via excessive society as a well-dressed prankster and good friend — a real isekai Entertainer. In reality, she truly succeeded too nicely throughout her quest, and all her associates fell in love with their carefree and altruistic widespread good friend Katarina Claes. A handful of girls and boys alike cherished her as their one real love, and as a real Entertainer, Katarina barely observed, merely transferring on to the following picnic, dungeon journey or social occasion with a smile on her face.

Within the present’s second season, Katarina was away from all her doom flags, and she or he lived as an Entertainer greater than ever. She made up her day by day life because it got here to her, sampling snacks and desserts whereas additionally casually attending to know the following two Stuart brothers, Jeffrey and Ian, and their funds, Suzanna Randall and Selene Berg respectively. Katarina additionally discovered herself in a stage manufacturing early in Season 2 and ad-libbed her function as an evil stepsister, creatively channeling the unique Katarina Claes to actually promote it. The viewers beloved it, and Katarina grew to become an Entertainer in additional methods than one.


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