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My Senpai Is Annoying: Takeda & Grandpa Butt Heads Over Futaba’s Heart


Warning: the next accommodates spoilers for My Senpai is Annoying Episode 6, “Grandpa Hearts Futaba,” now streaming on Funimation.

In My Senpai is Annoying, Futaba Igarashi has been working onerous to make a reputation for herself on the workplace, and has managed to make loads of supportive mates and colleagues who care about her. Nonetheless, Futaba does not like being patronized or handled like a toddler, and it is not simply her co-worker Harumi Takeda who annoys her, but additionally her boisterous biker grandfather, Mr. Igarashi, who arrives in Episode 6.

Futaba loves her grandfather, however she additionally desires to reach life and her profession while not having her overprotective grandfather watching her each transfer and making an attempt to struggle her battles for her. When Mr. Igarashi arrives in Tokyo, not places not solely Futaba on edge, however Takeda as properly, discovering a brand new rival in Futaba’s Grandpa.

grandpa vs takeda

In My Senpai is Annoying Episode 6, Futaba and Takeda understand that they share the identical birthday, and they also alternate bouquets as presents at a florist. That is when Futaba’s grandfather, the tough-talking Mr. Igarashi, arrives on his bike, outraged that Takeda acquired Futaba a present earlier than he may. Directly, Mr. Igarashi turns into overly protecting of his granddaughter, and he and Takeda butt heads over who’s extra vital in Futaba’s life, and who ought to actually be her #1 defender and fan. The 2 males argue over beers later, whereas an exasperated Futaba tries to fathom their unbelievable ranges of obnoxiousness. When Mr. Igarashi and Takeda cross paths once more later, they resume their verbal battle without delay.

Later, Futaba spends her time off along with her pal Natsumi, inflicting Mr. Igarashi to panic when he cannot attain her. He imagines Futaba on a date with Takeda, and takes it upon himself to get between them and perceive Futaba’s coronary heart higher. Mr. Igarashi does not make any actual headway, however he tries his finest anyway, even going to look at Your Title in theaters, which not less than proves how diligent and caring he may be. Even when his protecting emotions are misplaced, Mr. Igarashi takes his granddaughter’s security and happiness critically, simply as a lot as Takeda does, if no more so. However that is not sufficient to cease him from kicking up their feud once more, although they lastly speak issues out within the night.

grandpa talking with takeda

Mr. Igarashi explains Futaba’s backstory and makes it clear that, whilst an adolescent, Futaba was a headstrong and unbiased one who did not need to rely an excessive amount of on others and grow to be a burden. To Futaba, being coddled is not simply annoying, it additionally denies her an opportunity to show to everybody, together with herself, that she will be able to take care of herself. Futaba identifies strongly along with her unbiased streak, and sis happy with her self-sufficiency. Mr. Igarashi and Takeda each deeply admire this about her, and bond over their mutual respect for Futaba. The feud ends, however their protecting emotions stay.

Later, a trio of punks begin harassing Futaba, till Takeda and Mr. Igarashi intimidate them, uniting as a crew to maintain Futaba protected. The punks flee, however Futaba is grateful for the assistance. Past that, she’s pleased to see her grandfather and co-worker getting alongside finally, and the three of them determine to eat out collectively, proving how far they’ve are available just some days. Nothing will cease Takeda and Mr. Igarashi from worrying about Futaba, however they’ll restrain their emotions considerably and let Futaba stay her life with out a pair of helicopter mother and father casting too lengthy a shadow over her. They lastly discover some steadiness.


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