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My Villain Academia: How Many Quirks Does Gigantomachia Have and What Can They Do?


Gigantomachia has the potential to be My Hero Academia‘s most harmful villain but. One in every of All For One’s closest servants, the “walking natural disaster” enjoys a privilege only a few different characters have: a number of Quirks. He hasn’t named them within the anime but, however Machia’s mixture of Quirks makes him impervious to most assaults and nigh inconceivable to seize. Listed here are all seven of Gigantomachia’s Quirks defined.


Gigantomachia searching for SHigaraki

The primary of Gigantomachia’s many Quirks works extra like a passive skill than an influence he can use on command. This Quirk permits him to rework his morale into uncooked energy and stamina. Machia’s power solely will increase the extra excited he will get, making him the worst opponent to be up towards in an endurance match. Endurance serves as the bottom for all of the others, making Machia’s physique robust sufficient to face up to a number of different highly effective Quirks from All For One with none surgical modification, not like the Nomu.


Gigantomachia, Gran Torino and the police

His most recognizable Quirk, Gigantification is one other that works extra like a passive skill. Within the warmth of a battle, Gigantomachia’s dimension will increase. He can soar to inconceivable heights and can continue to grow so long as he’s excited, making him more and more tough to cope with.


Gigantomachia sniffing for Shigaraki

Machia’s Canine Quirk boosts his bodily senses to match his power stage. He has a heightened sense of each scent and listening to and might observe down a scent he is aware of over untold distances. Utilizing this Quirk in My Hero Academia, Machia was capable of observe Tomura Shigaraki down irrespective of the place he hid.

Power Saver

Gigantomachia in the ground

This Quirk explains how Gigantomachia is ready to preserve his constant assault schedule on Shigaraki with little or no relaxation. Power Saver permits Machia to operate on the barest quantity of meals and sleep. On simply 3 hours of sleep, he can assault for 48 hours and 44 minutes with out breaks, all of the whereas rising in power and dimension to match and surpass the extent of the opponent he is dealing with and repeat the entire course of again and again. His assault on Shigaraki beneath comparable situations is what’s chargeable for head of the League’s newfound power. Power Saver boosts Gigantomachia’s already spectacular stamina to absurd ranges.

Ache Blocker

Gigantomachia angry

This Quirk fully eliminated all sense of ache Gigantomachia had, permitting him to struggle unencumbered by that distraction. Ache Blocker explains how he was capable of stand up to the warmth of Dabi’s flames with none concern.


Gigantomachia burrowing through earth

This Quirk permits Gigantomachia to change his type to a extra mole-like state. His claws elongate, together with the spines on his again, and he grows a visor throughout his eyes. These options put together his physique for the Quirk’s important skill, digging via the bottom. Gigantomachia can burrow each under and above floor at unbelievable speeds, no matter no matter obstacles are in his path. The destruction he leaves in his wake earned him his nickname of “walking natural disaster.”

Fierce Features

Gigantomachia causing destruction

Fierce Features is Gigantomachia’s easiest Quirk nevertheless it works to enhance each different skill he is acquired. Activating this Quirk permits him to harden his muscle mass and whole physique, very similar to Eijiro Kirishima. This invulnerability increase means his punches hit that a lot more durable and permits him to crash via obstacles quite a bit simpler.

Why Hasn’t He Proven Up But?

Gigantomachia fighting Shigaraki

Gigantomachia’s mixture of Quirks may enable him to go toe to toe with even All May, but he is been largely absent from the sequence thus far. The reason being really a reasonably easy one. All For One hid him away as a trump card for Shigaraki in case he ever obtained captured. The pre-emptive measure paid off since Machia is at present Shigaraki’s largest asset, and the brute’s incapacity to just accept Shigaraki’s weak spot is the rationale the villain chief is at present plus extremely.

Why Is not Machia Extra Harmful?

Gigantomachia looking for Shigaraki

Machia’s immense energy is nerfed each by his low intelligence and devotion to All For One. Virtually another villain would revel of their nice energy and use it to additional their very own ends however Gigantomachia is exceedingly loyal to All For One. Machia can be not able to overly difficult strategizing, preferring as a substitute to take his Grasp’s phrase as legislation.


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