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Naruto: 5 Leaf Shinobi With Unused Villain Potential


Whereas the Hidden Leaf fostered a few of the greatest villains in Naruto, many important characters have been left with unused potential to be evil. With tragic backstories and immense energy, the road between hero and villain is usually skinny and blurred. Listed below are 5 Hidden Leaf shinobi who almost succumbed to villainy, however managed to withstand the darkish facet.

Naruto Uzumaki

4 nine tails taking over naruto

Pressured into changing into the 9-Tails’ jinchūriki at his delivery, Naruto by no means knew his mother and father who sacrificed their life to avoid wasting him and the Hidden Leaf. Regardless of additionally saving the Hidden Leaf by changing into a jinchūriki, the villagers view Naruto because the monster who almost destroyed it. Given their animosity and cruelty, Naruto is pressured to develop up as an orphan caught in a lonely and hostile atmosphere. The villagers’ hateful eyes and the damaging interactions along with his friends makes Naruto resentful of his state of affairs and those that look down on him. Nevertheless, the disdain he should overcome motivates him to earn the love and respect of these round him as a substitute of looking for revenge, like many would in his state of affairs.

Not solely does Naruto endure the tragic childhood many villains endure, however he additionally possesses the immense energy villains desperately search. That is evident in how the Akatsuki relentlessly targets Naruto for his 9-Tails’ chakra. Whereas this overwhelming energy might’ve simply gone to Naruto’s head, he actively chooses to make use of it for good time and time once more. When the One-Tails’ jinchūriki was working rampant, he even admits he might’ve simply been in Gaara’s place due to their related upbringing and jinchūriki energy.

He was additionally in a darkish, lonely place and was solely rescued from it by his mates, finally convincing Gaara to vary his mentality as effectively. Naruto selflessly seeks to enhance so he may be robust sufficient to guard his comrades and family members. With a transparent aim in thoughts to turn into the Hokage and earn the villagers’ admiration, Naruto by no means waivers in his resolve to be a power for good.

Kakashi Hatake

Kakashi Facing Off Against Pain

After shedding each his mother and father at a younger age, Kakashi was an orphan and little one soldier within the Third Nice Ninja Warfare. He grew to become a chunin at solely six years previous and was promoted to jōnin at 12. Kakashi inherited his extraordinary skills from his father and developed them rapidly, making him a useful asset to the Hidden Leaf’s struggle efforts. Given his father’s dying, Kakashi displayed sociopathic habits by inserting the mission above his teammates’ lives — it doesn’t matter what. Nevertheless, his priorities drastically change after witnessing the deaths of Obito and Rin, which supplies him long-lasting PTSD and nightmares.

Given his alarming psychological state, Minato assigned Kakashi to the Anbu Black Ops when he was solely 13. Regardless of being the lone little one within the elite activity power, the older members complain about Kakashi’s unusually ruthless ways. As he follows the trail towards bloodlust and killing to avenge his deceased family members, he would not mentally begin to get well from his darkish previous till he is assigned to guide Workforce 7. Initially in opposition to main a group of younger shinobi and believing he’d be a foul mentor, Naruto‘s Kakashi sarcastically finds himself being one of the vital embellished and celebrated instructors in anime.

Neji Hyuga

5 neji hyuga using byakugan

Because the nephew of Hiashi Hyūga, the chief of the Hyūga clan, Neji was born into a lifetime of servitude. He and his father, Hizashi, belonged to the clan’s department home and have been thought of lesser than the principle home. When Neji was solely 4, his uncle positioned their customized curse seal on Neji’s brow and he is advised he lives to guard Girl Hinata. Neji’s father additionally has a curse seal, which is used to inflict ache and implement obedience. When Hiashi killed the pinnacle ninja of the Hidden Cloud after they tried to kidnap Hinata, the Cloud insisted on his execution in return or else they’d begin a struggle with the Hidden Leaf. Since Hiashi and Hizashi have been an identical twins, Neji’s father volunteered to die in his brother’s place to keep away from struggle.

Between his father’s unjust execution and the curse of servitude completely marked on his brow, Neji fostered a consuming hatred for the Hyūga predominant home he was meant to guard. As a younger shinobi, he takes his ache out on his cousin, Hinata, throughout the Chūnin Exams when they’re pressured to battle one-on-one. Regardless of Hinata being the clan’s princess and heiress, Neji proves he is a lot stronger and extra succesful as he plans to surpass all Hyūgas. His ruthless habits and venomous phrases paint him in a villainous gentle when he is launched in Naruto, convincing followers he was obsessive about energy and prone to the darkish facet — much like Sasuke.

Nevertheless, when he fights Naruto later within the exams, Neji learns their household circumstances aren’t Hinata’s fault — he could make his personal life decisions. Regardless of Neji believing he could not battle his future and the “Hyūga clan’s heritage of hatred,” he lastly overcomes his resentment and accepts his clan after speaking to his uncle and studying the reality about their previous. This permits Neji’s adolescent hatred for Hinata to remodel into love and loyalty to the very finish, the place he finally sacrifices his life for her personal.

Anko Mitarashi

When Anko was a younger genin in Naruto, she was on a staff led by Orochimaru. He rapidly took an curiosity in her, passing down a number of of his jutsu and his data about immortality. Whereas Anko initially appeared as much as him, he later makes use of her as a check topic by unwillingly inserting his Cursed Seal of Heaven on her. Of his ten topics, Anko’s the one one who survives the mark and he or she refuses to work with him afterward. Since Orochimaru thought of her invaluable and did not need to kill her, he rewrites her recollections to consider he deserted her as a substitute.

Anko inherits a number of strategies from Orochimaru that make their connection obvious, just like the Hidden Shadow Snake Fingers the place a number of snakes substitute her arms. She will additionally sense when he is close to as a result of her everlasting curse mark begins to ache her. Given Anko’s historical past and deep ties to Orochimaru, many Naruto followers surprise how she was ready to withstand him. Luckily for the Hidden Leaf, she resents him for a way he exploited her and by no means turns in opposition to the village like he did. As a substitute, as his former scholar, she believes it is her private duty to defend the Hidden Leaf from his evil deeds.

Sai Yamanaka

When Sai is first launched to Workforce 7, he purposely antagonizes them by insulting Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura at totally different occasions. His confrontational habits shocked many followers who thought a villain was out of the blue added to Workforce Kakashi. Sai joined the staff with no recollections or sense of self-identity, solely being given the title “Sai” for the aim of becoming a member of. His impassive habits displays a sociopath who has full and utter disregard for these round him, whereas his lack of tact makes it much more troublesome for him to get alongside along with his teammates who assume he is being impolite on objective.

Sai’s habits makes him seem to be Naruto‘s subsequent villain, however his mysterious previous makes him much more suspicious. Orphaned at a younger age, Sai is recruited into Danzō’s Root program the place he was particularly conditioned to haven’t any persona or private relationships. Throughout his time there, he grew to become near a boy named Shin who he thought of an older brother.

In Root’s ruthless coaching, they’re advised to kill each other to destroy their feelings as soon as and for all, however Shin dies of an sickness and Sai will get credit score for his dying. Sai carries round a self-made image ebook of him and Shin along with his impeccable artwork expertise, which additionally translate into his distinctive jutsu. Whereas Danzō wished to take advantage of Sai’s energy to kill Sasuke, Sai turns into extra defiant of the Root group and its targets. Fortunately, he learns concerning the significance of friendship and belief from his staff which helps him construct new recollections, relationships, and a private identification.


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