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Naruto: Kakashi Hatake’s Zodiac Sign & How It Defines Him


The story of Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto stars the hero Naruto Uzumaki, and one among Naruto’s first-ever mentors and lecturers was the mysterious Jonin Kakashi Hatake. Showing early within the story, Kakashi Hatake intrigued viewers along with his uncommon Sharingan eye, his eccentric habits, and his formidable fight expertise.

Extra of Kakashi’s life was later revealed, reminiscent of his time as a genin in Minato Namikaze’s private squad, and his friendship with Obito Uchiha in his youth. All of this and extra formed Kakashi into who he’s at present and his colourful character might be additional illuminated along with his astrological signal, Virgo. This explicit earth signal can describe him in some ways.

Virgo, The Astrological Signal Of The Maiden

Kakashi Hatake was born on September fifteenth in accordance with the Naruto databook, that means he was born as a Virgo, an earth sign up astrological lore. This signal is represented by a maiden and a stalk of wheat, representing this signal’s hardworking, sensible, and considerably analytical nature. Anybody born underneath this signal, as horoscopes put it, is a down-to-earth particular person who’s extra involved concerning the bodily world round them than mystical energies or lofty ideas. This units Virgos aside from air indicators like Gemini or water indicators like Most cancers.

Virgos are methodical individuals with a eager eye for element, and this implies they’ve a strong work ethic that results in spectacular outcomes. Virgos are all about diligence and outcomes, they usually do not wish to rush into something earlier than considering it out. In a method, this makes Virgo indicators positive analysts, planners, and managers, much like MBTI character varieties such because the Commander or the Architect. Virgo’s ruling physique is Mercury, which is famous for its affinity for speech and writing, endeavors that decision for eye for element and diligent work.

Virgos usually are not good, although. They could watch out and diligent, however they’ll additionally frustrate or annoy others with their lofty expectations and their fixed critiques. They may be overbearing at occasions, they usually could also be too sluggish and methodical for air indicators and hearth indicators to understand. Virgos may also seem dry and humorless, which might price them some friendships and weaken their charisma. Earth indicators typically have an issue with this.

Kakashi Hatake As A Virgo In Naruto

Kakashi has the creativity of an air signal and the mysterious aura of a water signal, however he additionally embodies his pure Virgo sign up his personal distinctive methods. Kakashi’s artistic and sensible thoughts is rooted in his methodical and analytical nature. He has confirmed himself an excellent and insightful shinobi who not often rushes into something. As a real Virgo, Kakashi typically chided Naruto Uzumaki or Obito for getting forward of themselves, and he would not have a lot enthusiasm for his largely one-sided rivalry with Would possibly Man. Kakashi would relatively stick with protocol and get the job completed by the guide, however he is open to a little bit improvisation if obligatory. When a mission begins, such because the Tazuna escort project or the Gaara rescue mission, Kakashi appreciated to maintain issues by the guide. He typically restrained an emotional Naruto or Sakura after they tried to make up their very own guidelines.

In his youth, Kakashi was a cool, aloof, and disciplined shinobi, like a real Virgo. This typically irritated his bold and idealistic teammate, Obito. In reality, Kakashi famously claimed that ninjas who break the principles are trash, prompting Obito to say that ninjas who abandon their teammates are even decrease than trash. Kakashi scoffed at first, being a Virgo at coronary heart, however he later adopted Obito’s phrases within the wake of Obito’s obvious demise.

As a Virgo, Kakashi is a busy and disciplined shinobi, and fluff lore states that he has completed many a whole lot of all missions, from D-rank errands to S-rank assignments that solely a tactical genius like him may hope to outlive. Kakashi was additionally a sensible and affected person mentor to Group 7 as a Virgo teacher. He inspired his three genin fees to use Virgo-style diligence in every part they do.

At one level, Kakashi even turned the sixth Hokage, and such a title is finest for a Virgo like him as somebody who has the diligence to juggle many duties fastidiously. Kakashi’s tenure as Hokage was pretty quick earlier than he was succeeded by Naruto Uzumaki, however he obtained the job completed. If he selected to he may have been a positive chief for a few years along with his astrological signal to information him. Virgos have an affinity for managerial work, in spite of everything.


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