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Naruto: Sasuke Uchiha’s Zodiac Sign – and What It Says About Him


The story of Naruto is filled with thrilling and colourful characters, and these ninjas are extra than simply automobiles for distinctive combat scenes. These are totally realized and fleshed-out characters by way of their tragic backstories, their objectives and motivations, their relationships with others, and each side of their personalities. That features Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto’s longtime rival, pal, and former enemy.

Sasuke was born on July twenty third, only a few months earlier than Naruto himself, and Sasuke was born underneath the Leo astrological signal, a fireplace signal. In some ways, Sasuke actually does embody the lion of the zodiac within the story of Naruto, and nobody can get in a proud lion’s means.

Sasuke Uchiha, A Fierce Leo

Sasuke was born as a Leo, and the Leo astrological signal is, as an entire, a proud, energetic, and generally useless signal. This astrological signal is dominated by the solar itself, the best fireball any Uchiha may hope to be related to, and that matches the good Uchiha clan’s affinity for fireplace, together with its fan image. Leos, being born underneath such a strong and energetic signal, are usually extremely artistic and bold folks — they don’t seem to be meek, complacent, or modest by any means. Like a roaring lion, a Leo will proudly announce their presence, and everybody else might be in awe. What’s extra, Leos are typically regarded as well mannered and considerably cussed folks, like an alpha lion protecting his delight in line. Leos can get together with different folks simply tremendous, however provided that these different folks do not attempt to overshadow the bold and proud Leo.

For a Leo, the whole lot is both good or evil, wonderful or horrible, with comparatively little in between. Leos like Sasuke are likely to see issues in black and white, which is a simplistic however environment friendly approach to see the world. A decided and bold Leo like Sasuke can rapidly kind the whole lot and everybody round them into neat classes and act accordingly, comparable to figuring out who’s pal or foe, and who’s a worthy ally and who is just too weak to trouble with. Leos prefer to be environment friendly and forward-thinking, driving themselves laborious to achieve their objective at any value. They could or is probably not diligent and cussed much like a Taurus or Capricorn. As a fireplace signal, Leos are more likely to be a bit impatient and reckless, however not essentially silly within the pursuit of their objectives. All this describes Sasuke Uchiha properly.

Sasuke Uchiha As A Leo In Naruto

Sasuke from grimaces; his curse mark is visible on his neck

In some ways, Sasuke is the right Leo within the story of Naruto, comparable to his fierce willpower to succeed and make a reputation for himself. Being born within the prestigious Uchiha household, so much was anticipated of Sasuke from the very begin, and he had his gifted brother Itachi to mannequin himself after. Even by Uchiha requirements, Sasuke was a pushed and aggressive boy who needed greater than something to turn out to be a superb ninja and earn his father’s approval. Like a proud and cussed Leo, Sasuke labored tirelessly to turn out to be #1, and he rapidly grew pissed off when his father Fugaku and Itachi ignored him or took him without any consideration. No Leo is content material to mix into the background or be nameless — Sasuke needed to be a star.

Years after the Uchiha bloodbath, Sasuke discovered himself in Group 7 together with Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno, and Sasuke, as a proud Leo, felt that his workforce wasn’t adequate for him. He was obsessive about gaining power to face his brother once more sometime, and as a cussed and useless Leo, Sasuke refused to see anybody else as his equal. For a time, Sasuke stored his Leo nature in test and loved a wholesome rivalry with Naruto, however that modified when Sasuke had a fateful encounter with Itachi and Kisame Hoshigaki. Sasuke resumed his reckless quest to achieve energy, and he betrayed your entire Leaf Village to get what he needed. He would solely see folks as belongings or obstacles in his quest to destroy Itachi, and solely a proud and fierce Leo may see issues in such environment friendly, black and white phrases like that.

Sasuke held onto his delight even after he grew to become Orochimaru’s subordinate, and when the time got here, Sasuke turned on Orochimaru and absorbed him, seeing the latter as a mere stepping stone to reaching Itachi. Sasuke then fashioned his personal workforce with Suigetsu, Jugo and Karin, and took on many highly effective foes, from Itachi himself to Killer Bee and even the assembled  5 Kage within the Land of Iron. Sasuke’s Leo nature was lastly tamed when he had his ultimate combat with Naruto and have become an affiliate of the seventh Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki, in his maturity.


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