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Naruto Shippuden’s First Arc Perfectly Sets Up the Series


The primary arc of any anime is without doubt one of the most essential elements of the complete sequence. It is often viewers’ first actual impression of the story and infrequently decides whether or not or not they need to proceed watching. This excessive degree of significance makes them fairly difficult to nail as they set the bottom for tales that will develop to final lots of of episodes. The Kazekage Rescue Mission arc from Naruto Shippuden is a good instance of a sensational first arc.

Shippuden, serving because the sequel to the unique Naruto sequence, had a tougher job than the standard opening arc. Staff 7’s rematch in opposition to Kakashi was solely the tip of the iceberg of greatness that’s the Kazekage Rescue Mission arc. Because the story’s occasions unfolded, a number of of Shippuden‘s most essential plot factors had been introduced up and mentioned to some extent. Listed here are a couple of overarching themes its debut arc launched.

Cooperation Among the many Hidden Villages

The state of the ninja world was described as certainly one of anarchy within the unique Naruto. Although they had been at peace with one another, every nation was fairly cautious of the subsequent. They rigorously monitored the stability of energy and would seize any alternative that arose to extend their army may or destabilize the opposite nations.

Throughout the Sand Village’s hour of want, Granny Chiyo by no means anticipated the Hidden Leaf to ship any actual assist. To her shock, Tsunade despatched two expert groups that saved Gaara’s and Kankuro’s lives. That gesture of goodwill, particularly after the half the Sand Village performed within the third Hokage’s demise, strengthened the 2 nations’ bonds and sowed the seeds of what would finally develop into the Allied Shinobi forces.

Kazekage Gaara’s testimony concerning the alliance of the Sand Village and the Hidden Leaf was instrumental in forming the Alliance, with out which the Fourth Nice Ninja Battle would’ve been misplaced.

The Jinchuriki and Tailed Beasts

Although it was widespread information at this level that each Gaara and Naruto had Tailed Beasts inside them, the time period Jinchuriki had by no means been used earlier than in reference to the duo. On their rescue mission in Shippuden, Kakashi and Granny Chiyo defined why the Akatsuki was concentrating on Gaara and revealed the existence of seven different Tailed Beasts that hadn’t beforehand been talked about.

Whereas it is by no means mentioned precisely how highly effective and various these beasts had been, later Shippuden arcs did an excellent job of growing them additional. Their significance to the story can’t be overstated. The Fourth Nice Shinobi Battle was fought to find out the destiny of the ultimate two remaining Jinchuriki, Naruto and Killer Bee. The reanimated Jinchuriki additionally served as highly effective antagonists towards the tip of the story, introducing much more various jutsu to the Naruto world.

Naruto’s Relationship with Kurama

Naruto's Nine-Tail Cloak

Naruto by no means had a secure reference to the 9-Tailed Fox inside him, however he’d at all times had it beneath management for essentially the most half. Shippuden‘s Kazekage Rescue Mission arc illustrated how unstable their relationship had develop into and teased followers with a glimpse of Kurama’s unbelievable energy.

Upon realizing Gaara’s “death,” Naruto flew right into a rage permitting the Fox to momentarily take management over his physique. Fortunately Kakashi was there to cease him earlier than the Fox bought uncontrolled, however that occasion confirmed how Naruto’s feelings can be the important thing to controlling Kurama. Followers additionally realized that Kurama was able to taking on Naruto’s physique fully when the Jinchuriki felt excessive anger, like he did at Tenchi Bridge within the struggle in opposition to Orochimaru and after Ache stabbed Hinata.

The Akatsuki

Akatsuki together

Naruto’s notorious group of rogue ninjas had been referenced fairly a bit within the unique sequence however their correct debut got here in Shippuden. Other than Itachi and Kisame, the principle villains of the Kazekage Rescue Mission arc had been Deidara and Sasori.

The duo couldn’t have been a greater introduction to the extent of ninja Naruto and Staff 7 would discover themselves up in opposition to repeatedly throughout Shippuden. Together with having nice banter, Deidara and Sasori’s talents expanded the scope of what Naruto followers believed potential with chakra. If it wasn’t already clear this group was to not be trifled with, Deidara succeeded in defeating Gaara throughout his first struggle.

The remainder of the Akatsuki weren’t correctly launched through the Kazekage arc, however that solely served to drive up viewers’ curiosity within the mysterious group. Whole arcs had been devoted to defeating some members of the Akatsuki, and every proved they had been removed from pushovers. The casualties they left of their pursuit of the Jinchuriki spurred the event of a number of facet characters and their affect stretched all the best way to the tip of Naruto Shippuden.

Mangekyo Sharingans

5 Mangekyo sharingan causes bleeding

The superior type of the Uchiha Kekkei Genkai was first talked about close to the tip of Naruto‘s Sasuke Retrieval Arc. At the moment, all that was identified is that it was a extra highly effective Sharingan. It was solely after Kakashi unveiled his personal that its true potential was made obvious.

Together with better perceptive talents than an everyday Sharingan, the Mangekyo Sharingan gave its consumer entry to completely distinctive and particular person powers. Itachi’s Tsukuyomi made his genjutsu the stuff of legend and Kakashi’s Kamui saved the complete Konoha squad from Deidara’s ultimate explosion.

The hazards of the Mangekyo Sharingan had been additionally touched on throughout Kakashi’s battle in opposition to Itachi. As a taunt, the Copy Ninja requested Itachi how a lot his eyesight had deteriorated, referencing the facet impact of the brand new Sharingan’s overuse. Kakashi was additionally rendered bedridden by the tip of the mission since he overextended his energy when chasing Deidara.

Madara Uchiha

1 madara uchiha laughing

Madara Uchiha ended up being the first antagonist for a lot of Shippuden in a technique or one other, so it is applicable that he was first teased so early. Madara himself did not present up till the ultimate arc, however one may argue it was his legacy that set all of the occasions of the sequence into movement. The mere point out of his title by an imposter supplied the additional push for the Shinobi villages to work collectively, and his look confirmed why their cooperation was completely essential. In decimating the Allied Shinobi Forces, Madara proved precisely why his title struck concern within the hearts of everybody.

The introduction of those plot factors so early in Naruto Shippuden helped viewers get acquainted with them and made their reappearances afterward seem to be pure additions to the story. It constructed anticipation transferring ahead and prevented Shippuden from having to info-dump a lot once they began to get extra of the highlight. The ultimate cherry on prime? The Kazekage Rescue Mission arc even works nice as a standalone story.


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