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Naruto: The Tragedy of the Akatsuki – From Heroes to Villains


The Akatsuki are a few of the most iconic villains not solely in Naruto however in all of anime. They’re all the pieces {that a} good villain needs to be; they’re mysterious, intimidating, highly effective and complex characters. Nevertheless, earlier than the Akatsuki was a gaggle of world-renowned criminals, they had been a gaggle of heroes. Regardless of their fall from grace, a small piece of the Akatsuki’s authentic purpose nonetheless existed of their corrupted group, making their downfall all of the extra tragic.

The ninja world has been stricken by warfare and battle for almost all of its historical past. One in every of these wars created three orphans from the Village Hidden within the Rain, who had been left to endure and languish within the destruction of their residence. These orphans, Yahiko, Konan and Nagato, had been taken in by Jiraiya and skilled to defend themselves in opposition to the risks of the world. Jiraiya shared his dream of peace with them, giving them hope that the warfare destroying their nation would at some point finish. This hope impressed Yahiko to create a company devoted to ending the warfare ravaging their residence: the Akatsuki.

The Akatsuki was not initially a militaristic group. They didn’t use violence to remove their opponents however as an alternative tried to create peace via pacifist means. Beneath Yahiko’s management, the Akatsuki gained extra supporters and recognition for his or her activism. If the group had been allowed to proceed with out interference, they’d in all probability have succeeded in ending the warfare and would have been considered heroes.

Nevertheless, due to the manipulation and deception dedicated by Obito, Madara and Black Zetsu, that authentic dream grew to become corrupted. The chief of the Village Hidden within the Rain, Hanzo, considered the Akatsuki as a risk to his energy and labored with Danzo to remove them in an ambush. Throughout that ambush, Yahiko killed himself to guard Nagato and Konan. He hoped that the 2 of them would stick with it his dream and the objectives of the Akatsuki.

After this occasion, Nagato’s worldview was shaken. He nonetheless needed to stay in a peaceable world, however he not believed that it could possibly be executed with out violence. Obito and Black Zetsu bolstered this concept and satisfied him that the world might by no means be at peace with out the usage of drive. These with energy would at all times enact ache and struggling on these weaker except they had been made to expertise the identical ache. Nagato would obtain peace via warfare and violence, uniting the world via shared anguish and trauma. With this new ideology, Nagato created the brand new Akatsuki, a gaggle of villains devoted to that purpose.

The Akatsuki would repeatedly be usurped and manipulated by outdoors forces. Obito, Madara and Black Zetsu would use the group for their very own functions. Yahiko’s dream of peace would proceed to be diluted and distorted with every new manipulator. The Akatsuki had been reworked right into a grotesque mockery of what the unique group stood for.

Naruto And Nagato

Nonetheless, the tragic story of the Akatsuki does finish with a cheerful ending. The group was redeemed by Naruto Uzumaki. Earlier than their deaths, Nagato and Konan each trusted Naruto to hold on Yahiko’s dream of peace. They believed that Naruto understood the significance of peace and will succeed the place that they had failed. When Naruto united the ninja world throughout the Fourth Shinobi Battle and created a long-lasting alliance, he did not simply accomplish his objectives, however the objectives of the unique Akatsuki created by Yahiko all these years in the past.


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