Ti or Ti?

It’s a query that’s plagued Nvidia followers for years, ever because the firm began appending the “Ti” designation to its strongest GPUs, just like the RTX 3090 Ti that Nvidia simply introduced at CES 2022.

However how do you pronounce “Ti”? There are two camps: those that pronounce it “tie,” just like the neck garment or the primary syllable of “titanium,” whereas others fervently insist that it’s pronounced as initials: “tee-eye.” Not even Nvidia appears to know which is correct, as the corporate’s CES presentation confirmed — totally different presenters switched backwards and forwards between saying “tie” and “tee-eye” from one section to the subsequent.

Ought to “GeForce” be known as “Gee-Eee Force”? After all not. Do you say “Ertex” as an alternative of RTX? Preposterous. However Nvidia has let the “tie” / “tee-eye” debate simmer unchecked, regardless that the branding dates way back to the GeForce 2 Ti from 2001.

Right here’s a YouTube supercut of Nvidia’s senior vp Jeff Fisher saying it “tie” many, many instances throughout the RTX 3080 Ti launch final yr:

And but each time founder and CEO Jensen Huang (Nvidia’s bike jacket-wearing public face of the corporate) cooks up a brand new graphics card in his kitchen, he tends to say “tee-eye” as an alternative.

When requested concerning the correct pronunciation, the corporate punted on the difficulty fully, with Nvidia’s company communications director Hector Marinez telling The Verge that “there is no wrong way to pronounce Ti…. as long as you spell it correctly.”

Or, in different phrases, in Nvidia’s eyes… it’s a tie.



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