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One Piece: Five Aesthetics We’d Like to See as Islands


The attraction of One Piece‘s many various arcs stems from how different and totally different they’re in setting, aesthetic, and tone. Eiichiro Oda’s willingness to vary up even the style of One Piece storylines is partially why the sequence has remained within the mainstream for therefore lengthy. From Thriller Bark, a haunted island of monsters, zombies, and ghosts, readers go into Sabaody, a cheerful pleasure island hiding a darkish secret, after which Amazon Lily, an remoted jungle island populated completely by ladies.

So what are another potential aesthetics that might be carried out for future islands in One Piece?

One Piece Hasn’t Embraced the Wild West – But

Remarkably, One Piece has but to a correct Wild West-style arc. An story the place our lovable Straw Hats discover themselves in a gut-toting wasteland island with tumbleweeds, cowboys and perhaps a prepare theft virtually writes itself. Regardless of this setting not showing simply but, there’s some credence to the chance that seems outdoors the sequence.

In 1992, when Eiichiro Oda was in his senior 12 months of highschool, he submitted a one-shot for the forty fourth Tezuka Award — it might be his public debut as a manga artist. The wild west one-shot was titled “Wanted!” and centered round a good-natured outlaw named Gill Bastar on the run from bounty hunters after his head. This work would later be printed in a group tankebon of Oda’s one-shots that was finally renamed together with his debut’s unique title, “Wanted!”

Oda has additionally been cited as a fan of Westerns, as one in all his favourite motion pictures of all time is Younger Weapons (1988), a biographical retelling of the lifetime of Billy the Child, directed by Christopher Cain. Seeing as Oda has a keenness for Westerns, it is honest to say {that a} future Wild West-themed One Piece arc has legs to face on.

A European Medieval Fantasy Might Give One Piece Extra Dragons

One Piece‘s world is stuffed with kingdoms, royalty and monarchs, however we have but to see a extra conventional western fantasy kingdom. The Straw Hat Pirates embarking on an island with a kingdom, knights and journey would definitely not be out of the extraordinary given their observe report. It might additionally give Oda an excuse to attract extra dragons like those in Punk Hazard and the 2 about to go claw-to-claw in Wano.

The possibility to see the Straw Hat Pirates dressed as a D&D adventurer’s get together would undoubtedly have followers foaming on the mouth. Give Usopp a bow and he may make an ideal archer. Nami is already a thief, so a hood and cowl is all she must be an distinctive rogue, and Brook would make the quintessential undead bard.

The Straw Hats Have But to Discover a Subterranean Kingdom

The Straw Hats have traversed the mighty seas, reached the bellowing skies and submerged themselves within the ocean’s darkish trench, so the final logical landmass for them have to be to go underground. And figuring out Oda, logically after they finally do, they are going to discover themselves in a hidden village or metropolis tucked away nicely under the floor.

Subterranean Cities are a enjoyable setting to discover. It might be a misplaced superior civilization like in Disney’s Atlantis: The Misplaced Empire, or an oppressed society managed by the individuals above who will stand up in opposition to their tyrant much like Gurren Lagann. The latter would undoubtedly fall according to Oda’s sensibilities, however we may additionally count on lots of moles and digging critters given his fondness of animals. If there’s anyplace to drop a Poneglyph for Robin to find, a hidden society underground could be an ideal location.

A Steampunk Journey Would Be a Departure for One Piece

A steampunk tour for our favourite crew could be a radical change of tempo for One Piece. Actually, this might be an opportunity for our extra technical members of the crew like Usopp and Franky to get a bigger focus. Franky would definitely provide you with a brand new Franky Normal design, and it is simple to see Usopp tinkering with a plethora of latest devices. With Brook’s gentleman-like demeanor, he may additionally get some extra growth with this hypothetical arc.

Neon Skyscraper Metropolis Would Elevate the Straw Hats to New Heights

The concept of the Straw Hats elevating hell in an enormous metropolis of neon lights and heavy visitors seems like chaos ready to go off the web page. Luffy and the gang may have a blast in a nightclub, have a run-in with an area road gang or crime syndicate, and have a wild automotive chase to high it off. The one factor setting again this aesthetic is that One Piece isn’t set in fashionable occasions, however the sequence is fairly free in relation to technological developments. Whereas aircrafts and non-snail-based communications do not exist in One Piece, we nonetheless have cyborgs and superior bio-genetic engineering. Simply give Germa Kingdom and the World Authorities and few extra a long time they usually’ll catch up.


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