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One Piece: Hawkins’ Strawman Cards Have a Real Life Equivalent


WARNING: The next incorporates spoilers for One Piece Chapter #1029,”The Tower” by Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul and Vanessa Satone, out there in English through Manga Plus and Viz Media.

Divining one’s future is a observe as previous as time. Over the centuries, numerous methods and instruments have been created in an try to catch a glimpse of what the longer term holds. Many individuals scoff on the thought these days, whereas others use these methods as inspiration in artistic media. One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda has taken the idea of Tarot playing cards and used them as a foundation for Basil Hawkins’ Strawman Playing cards.

Because of consuming the Wara Wara no Mi, Hawkins has the flexibility to control straw, create dolls that channel any harm taken to a selected goal, and forge a large scarecrow-like reaper. The actions of the strawman are considerably decided by what card Hawkins pulls from the deck.

To this point, One Piece has proven 5 of the playing cards and their meanings: The Idiot, Reversed is the cardboard of infighting and causes opponents to activate one another; The Hierophant means reinforcements and that Hawkins’ opponent will obtain assist from somebody — although, if Reversed, it causes the strawman to chase the opponent. There’s additionally the Dying card, which implies destruction when Upright and causes the strawman to assault with a big scythe. Lastly, The Tower card represents a collapse of the previous, although its results weren’t proven as a result of Killer defeated Hawkins earlier than it might go into impact. The fifth card additionally has the hidden which means of “a new path forward.”

Basil Hawkins using Straw Man's Card

Hawkins’ depicted playing cards in One Piece are literally a part of the real-world Tarot playing cards, a deck that consists of roughly 78 playing cards divided into two classes. The primary is the Main Arcana, starting with The Idiot (Quantity 0) and ending with The World (Quantity 21). That is the class Hawkins’ playing cards come from. The playing cards that make up the Main Arcana inform a narrative of somebody (The Idiot) unknowing and new to the world occurring a journey to be taught and develop as an individual. It ends with The World, which represents completion and concord.

The second class is the Minor Arcana. This consists of the remaining 56 playing cards, that are additional divided into 4 fits that characterize the small print of on a regular basis life: Wands, which characterize the factor of fireplace, creativity, ardour, willpower, and inspiration; Cups, representing water, feelings, love, instinct, and relationships; Swords characterize air, intelligence, logic, reality, and battle; and Pentacles, also called Cash, characterize assets, well being, funds, manifestation, and the factor of earth. Every go well with has playing cards numbered two by ten, with an ace card, in addition to 4 court docket playing cards known as The Web page, The Knight, The Queen, and The King. Along with the Main Arcana, these playing cards work collectively to inform the reader what actions could have to be taken to trigger change inside their lives.

Tarot playing cards date again to no less than the fifteenth Century, the place they have been used as taking part in playing cards. They’re believed to have been created in Italy someday through the 1430s and ultimately unfold throughout Europe. The unique taking part in playing cards consisted of the Minor Arcana, however over time, the Main Arcana set was added as “trump cards.” Whereas they weren’t initially created as a device for divining, that modified as soon as the printing press was invented and playing cards may very well be mass-produced.

The trendy model of the playing cards immediately are based mostly on the works of Arthur Waite and the occult group Order of the Golden Daybreak. White and artist Pamela Coleman Smith created the model of the Tarot in 1909 that many artists draw inspiration from immediately: The Rider-Waite Tarot. The imagery they selected was based mostly on the Italian Sola Busca model of the playing cards alongside imagery from Kabbalah, which is a type of Jewish esotericism. In case you go into any big-chain bookstore, you are certain to discover a copy of this deck or some variation of it.

Spreads are a well-liked methodology in utilizing the playing cards, with every place representing a sure facet of the scenario in query. Three-card pulls are frequent, normally representing “Past, Present, Future.” There are additionally extra advanced spreads, typically utilizing as much as ten playing cards or extra. Single card pulls, like what Hawkins makes use of in One Piece, are additionally frequent, normally to characterize what the reader ought to give attention to for the day. The playing cards’ place and orientation will denote a sure which means. If a card is in reverse, it normally represents an imbalance or an excessive scenario of the archetype that’s depicted within the card. Not each reader makes use of reversal meanings, however they’re frequent.

With all this new data in thoughts, let’s take a look at Hawkins’ 5 playing cards and see what they’d imply utilizing the Rider-Waite interpretations. The Idiot represents innocence and new beginnings, however when in reverse, it represents recklessness and lack of expertise. The Hierophant represents custom and conformity, in addition to pursuit of information. When in reverse, it represents riot and a brand new method to a scenario. The Dying card, regardless of the way it’s been depicted in media, does not really characterize bodily loss of life. As an alternative it represents a metaphorical loss of life, the top of a cycle, and alter. Lastly, The Tower card represents satisfaction, catastrophe, and a breakdown of one thing vital. Seems to be just like the title of One Piece Chapter #1029 wasn’t too far off the mark on that final one.


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