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One Piece: How Does Sanji’s Raid Suit Work?


WARNING: The next accommodates spoilers for One Piece Chapter #1023, “Spitting Image,” by Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul and Vanessa Satone, obtainable in English by way of Manga Plus and Viz Media.

In Chapter #1023 of One Piece, Zoro notices Sanji is not combating like his ordinary self. The chef explains that ever since he placed on his “Raid Suit,” his physique has felt unusual and off, although not in a nasty approach. It has been a very long time because the Raid Swimsuit was launched and final talked about, so this new wrinkle in its working would possibly fall via the cracks of an already jam-packed arc. However the Raid Swimsuit can do much more than make Sanji’s physique really feel bizarre.

The Raid Swimsuit is actually technologically superior clothes designed for fight conditions, not not like what the Energy Rangers put on. Every member of the Vinsmoke Household has their very own swimsuit designed for his or her particular combating abilities and wishes, courtesy of Choose Vinsmoke himself. When not in use, the fits are saved in canisters marked with the proprietor’s designated quantity, with Sanji’s being marked “3.”

The Straw Hats' Raid Suits

As soon as activated, the swimsuit morphs and conforms itself to the form of the wearer’s physique. The fits can solely be activated by their designated person, and nobody else. The fits improve the wearer’s combating talents, are fire-resistant, strengthen the ability of kick-based assaults and have hover boots. The capes are bullet-proof, and Sanji’s cape particularly can create a protect, although within the anime all the capes are able to this.

Every swimsuit additionally has distinctive talents. For instance, Reiju’s swimsuit enhances her poison talents, Ichiji’s gauntlets create small blasts of vitality and Sanji’s permits him to develop into invisible. Sanji additionally plans to have Franky and Usopp modify the design of his swimsuit to raised match his type, and to most definitely distance himself farther from his militaristic household.

What is not identified, nevertheless, is the impact the swimsuit has on the wearer. In battle in opposition to Queen and King in Wano, Sanji says one thing is off along with his physique, although what he means is not precisely clear. He says it is not a nasty feeling, simply bizarre. It could possibly be that it is a facet impact of extended use of the swimsuit. His siblings have all tailored to utilizing their Raid Fits, however since Sanji’s solely just lately began utilizing his, his physique might not have acclimated to its results. How it will have an effect on him in the long run additionally is not clear, however hopefully, it is not one thing extra critical that wants worrying about.


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