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One Piece: Ivankov & Crocodile’s Mysterious History, Theories Explained


One Piece‘s Sir Crocodile is among the most unflappable, ruthless villains in all of anime and manga. The cool and picked up chief of Baroque Works is not simply flustered, with solely the absurd antics of Monkey D. Luffy seeming to get an increase out of him. In any other case, Crocodile stays a principally stoic determine in One Piece‘s world of chaos.

Which is why followers have taken a lot discover of the one second the place a non-Luffy character manages to impress the previous Shichibukai. In the course of the Impel Down arc, Crocodile expresses a want to affix Luffy’s alliance of jail escapees. When the Straw Hat captain appears reluctant, it is Revolutionary Commander Ivankov who chips in, stating he can hold Crocodile beneath management as he is aware of his “weakness”, and if Crocodile tries something, he can “fix him,” which the hook-handed felon reacts to with a pained expression.

Crocodile the Warlord from One Piece

Whereas the implication that Crocodile and Ivankov have a historical past was sufficient to get One Piece followers’ imaginations operating wild, the trade might have meant any variety of issues. It wasn’t till 2019, with the discharge of Quantity 5 of the Vivre Card Databook, that the connection was made specific. Crocodile’s character web page states that he has a “weakness” from his previous he would fairly hold secret, and that he owes Ivankov for one thing the Revolutionary Commander gave him.

It is apparent Eiichiro Oda has a giant reveal deliberate for these two characters. By far the preferred and prevalent idea is that Crocodile was assigned feminine at start, and Ivankov used the powers of his Horm-Horm Fruit to alter Crocodile’s intercourse. Ivankov’s hormone powers make for one of many character’s most iconic tenets, and if Ivankov holds any leverage over Crocodile, it could make plenty of sense that it could pertain to his skills.

The premise of this idea would not simply revolve round Ivankov’s involvement — Oda has additionally taken pains to obfuscate particulars of Crocodile’s look as a youth. For starters, his drawing of the Seven Warlords of the Sea as youngsters incorporates a very androgynous-looking Crocodile. It is noteworthy simply how totally different younger Crocodile seems in comparison with his square-jawed, rugged grownup self — particularly provided that Oda’s standard method to drawing characters’ adolescent variants is to shrink their options all the way down to child-size.

Moreover, “Chapter 0,” a promotional chapter that ties into the occasions of One Piece Movie: Sturdy World, depicts Gol D. Roger’s execution, 24 years earlier than the occasions of the principle collection. Many acquainted faces from the current are featured, together with Crocodile, who’s the one character to have his face obscured, being proven solely from the again. Given his Shichibukai compatriots obtained youthful redesigns for the event, omitting Crocodile appears a deliberate selection on Oda’s half — as if there is a motive to cover what the 22-year outdated Crocodile seems like.

This idea is additional expounded when taking one other idea into consideration — that One Piece‘s Shichibukai are primarily based on the villainous Seven Heroes from the traditional SquareSoft JRPG, Romancing SaGa 2. As put forth by a blog post on The One Piece Underworld, the seven One Piece characters have loads in frequent with the sport’s villains. Crocodile’s equal is Lord Wagnas, who seeks an historic weapon to subjugate the sport’s Japanese Kingdom — just like Crocodile’s want to make use of Pluton and conquer Alabasta.

One key characteristic of Wagnas that Crocodile would not share is the truth that the previous is intersex, with the male-presenting Wagnas additionally possessing feminine sexual traits. Given the clear similarities between the remainder of the Shichibukai and the Seven Heroes, it is a key character element of Wagnas’ that Oda has but to parallel in his personal work. Whereas being transgender and intersex should not straight equal, if Crocodile is revealed to be a trans man as theorists posit, then gender variance can be one more trait the 2 characters share.

If this fan idea holds true, then it would not be the primary time One Piece has featured a distinguished trans character, with the Wano arc particularly giving fan favorites corresponding to O-Kiku and Yamato. Given Crocodile and Ivankov’s respective significance within the story, it is extremely possible each characters will present up once more sooner or later — and that followers will be taught what the key is within the course of. If Crocodile does transform trans, this is hoping One Piece retains up its streak of dealing with the topic with the respect and tact that the Wano arc has.


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