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One Piece: Luffy & Momo (Eventually) Make a Triumphant Return to Face Kaido


WARNING: The next incorporates spoilers for One Piece Chapter #1025, “Twin Dragons,” by Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul and Vanessa Satone, out there in English through Manga Plus and Viz Media.

Chapter #1023 of One Piece noticed Momonosuke given a brand new grownup physique with assist from Shinobu’s satan fruit powers, and with it, a bigger and extra highly effective dragon type he might use to hold Luffy again to Onigashima. It is a noble sacrifice on Momo’s half to surrender his childhood within the service of defending his nation. Sadly, Chapter #1025 exhibits that whereas his physique drastically matured, his thoughts has nonetheless some approach to go.

Luffy was ready to go proper as much as Onigashima on prime of Momo, however it appears the Wano’s future shogun has not gotten over his worry of heights. In reality, together with his physique a lot bigger, it could have solely elevated his worry.

Finally, Momo does handle to elevate himself into the air towards Onigashima, however the huge dragon cannot even maintain his eyes open whereas flying. To nice comedic impact, he crashes by way of the wall of the Efficiency Corridor, surprising everybody inside. Simply when Sanji and Zoro assume there’s nothing left their captain can do to shock them, Luffy breaks by way of a ceiling whereas using a large pink dragon.

Momonosuke is on a whole rampage at this level, unable to regulate his trajectory or velocity. The dragon then dives from out of the second ground, taking Large Mother, Regulation and Kidd utterly unexpectedly. Luffy retains making an attempt to get Momo to behave extra exactly however the poor dragon has some rubble and dirt in his eye — an earthly however hilarious purpose to have him thrash about the whole complicated.

Regardless of all the insanity, Luffy and Momo make it out of the fortress and seem over the rooftop the place Yamato and Kaido are nonetheless buying and selling blows. When Luffy sees Yamato readying his subsequent assault, the rubber man shifts into Gear 4 Snakeman. Then he and Luffy hit Kaido at the very same time, sending the Yonko flying in a dynamic motion panel. Upon seeing Luffy as soon as once more, Yamato cheers in delight, and Luffy thanks him for holding again Kaido this complete time; it is a genuinely candy second.

Nonetheless, Kaido reemerges from the mud in his dragon type, inquisitive about this new pink dragon Luffy arrived on. Neither he nor Momo disguise their objectives from Kaido — turning into King of the Pirates and Shogun of Wano, respectively. Kaido laughs with curious amusement, remarking that the “world doesn’t need two dragons,” as One Piece Chapter #1025 concludes.

Part of One Piece that also separates it from different shonen manga to today is, it isn’t afraid to deliver out some comedy or absurdity even in the climactic motion moments. Luffy and Momonosuke barreling by way of all of the totally different flooring of Wano that we’re so used to by now — whereas additionally stunning all the opposite characters — is simply hilarious. It provides some much-needed levity, particularly after Chapter #1024 was a heavy one to soak up. Now eventually, we’re about to return to (what might be) the ultimate showdown between Luffy and Kaido.


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