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One Piece: The 5 Worst Islands to Live On


There are a variety of islands the Straw Hats have visited on this planet of One Piece, every with its personal distinctive cultures and histories. A few of these islands are lovely oases the place the Straw Hat Pirates are capable of take pleasure in themselves to their hearts’ content material. Others are…not.

There are a number of elements that make some islands far worse than others, such because the ruler, the wildlife and even the local weather. Nevertheless, to be referred to as one of many very worst, the island often has issues in all these classes, and perhaps much more which are utterly distinctive to it.

Germa Kingdom

Germa Kingdom castle multiple separate ships joined together into one piece

Beginning off the record is the Germa Kingdom. As one of the vital technologically superior nations on this planet, if not essentially the most, the Germa Kingdom may look like place to stay. Nevertheless, upon nearer examination, the darkness that permeates all through your entire nation turns into obvious. Pushed solely by the ambitions of its ruler, Vinsmoke Decide, the Germa Kingdom and all its residents exist solely to serve him.

From what’s proven within the manga and anime, Germa has virtually no citizenry apart from workers that serves (and is ceaselessly abused by) the Vinsmoke royal household. The remainder of the nation is inhabited by genetically enhanced and modified clone troopers, which simply so occurs to be Germa’s declare to fame. Embodying every thing merciless about science, Decide is prepared to do no matter it takes to attain his aim of conquering the North Blue, together with experimenting on his personal kids. If Sanji hadn’t escaped the nation as a baby, he would have absolutely died, no matter his standing as one of many nation’s princes.

Punk Hazard

One Piece Punk Hazard Island

An island with a darkish and sordid historical past, Punk Hazard is definitely one of many worst locations to stay in all of One Piece. With half of the island being perpetually on hearth whereas the opposite half is eternally frozen, there’s little or no consolation to be discovered right here. Dominated by Caesar Clown, a twisted mad scientist if there ever was one, all who stay on the island are topic to unspeakable cruelty.

Paralyzed from the waist down by a nerve fuel created by Caesar, a lot of the inhabitants have needed to have their backside halves changed with these of animals and serve him. His new topics do not even notice the nerve fuel was created by him, as a substitute viewing Caesar as the person who saved their lives and gave them the power to stroll once more. The identical goes for the kids on the island, all of whom had been kidnapped and experimented on. Whereas the Straw Hats did handle to avoid wasting everybody and depose Caesar, the horrible climate situations and panorama nonetheless make the island utterly inhospitable.

Thriller Bark

One of many strangest “islands” on the seas of the Grand Line, Thriller Bark is definitely the ship of the dreaded pirate and ex-Warlord of the Sea Gecko Moria. Thriller Bark began out as an island within the West Blue, however via unknown means was reworked into Moria’s very personal pirate vessel. Crusing the waters of the Grand Line’s Florian Triangle (assume the Bermuda Triangle however spookier), what makes this island-turned-ship so apparently inhospitable is especially its personal denizens.

Apart from the evil but finally underwhelming Gecko Moria, the island is house to his wicked crew, consisting of a number of intercourse predators and younger ladies with the facility to make you hate your self. If that wasn’t dangerous sufficient, one of many aforementioned predators is a mad scientist who, with assistance from his captain’s Satan Fruit talents, created a military of zombies and zombified creatures. These zombies search out unsuspecting guests within the hopes of including their ranks to their already scary military, making this island one of many final locations vacationers would need to attain.


Doflamingo Dressrosa

Whereas an exquisite island with fascinating structure and landscapes, all through Donquixote Doflamingo’s reign, the island was a veritable nightmare. Often called the nation of affection, ardour and toys, Doflamingo was capable of create an ideal facade for all that visited the island. The cruel actuality was that every one the dwelling toys on the island had been truly as soon as individuals who had been changed into toys by Doflamingo’s subordinate, Sugar. Not solely had been all recollections of the toys’ earlier lives erased from everybody they knew, however they had been additionally changed into slaves who needed to work in secret factories throughout the night time.

If all that wasn’t dangerous sufficient, there was additionally the fixed risk of Doflamingo himself to fret about. The Heavenly Demon was chargeable for a number of tragedies all through his reign, together with when he used his Satan Fruit’s powers to show the nation’s military into his puppets. He then used the military to slaughter the residents, blaming the then-king for his or her actions and forcing him to abdicate the throne. His “birdcage” capacity additionally managed to entice all of the residents inside a cage manufactured from super-sharp string which, over time, would shrink till it had reduce via and killed each final citizen on your entire island. The island would have succumbed to that destiny if it weren’t for a sure rubber boy.


The region of Udon in Wano

The island the Straw Hats are presently visiting, Wano is likely one of the present’s most unimaginable islands, and if it weren’t for a selected Emperor of the Sea, can be a perfect place to stay. Kaido, the aforementioned emperor, has turned the as soon as peaceable and affluent nation right into a shadow of its former self with assistance from the present shogun, Kurozumi Orochi. Samurai was once this nation’s best protectors, however they’ve been both been killed or imprisoned and compelled to work in weapons factories. These identical factories have additionally polluted the as soon as bountiful land of Wano in order that each its water and meals is toxic to most.

As a result of lack of pure assets, many villages have grow to be poor to the purpose of destitution. Orochi, within the cruelest and most twisted sense of charity, determined to feed a few of these villages failed SMILE fruits. Whereas there’s usually a small probability of gaining some type of animal capacity with these fruits, those he gave these villages had been already identified to be duds. This meant that anybody who ate the fruits is now pressured to stay the remainder of their lives with a perpetual smile and everlasting laughter, no matter how a lot ache or unhappiness they’re feeling. The atrocities Wano is experiencing have spurred the Straw Hats to liberate Wano at any value, however till they’ve achieved this aim, the island needs to be prevented it doesn’t matter what.


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